How to Create an IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

There have been constant headlines regarding disaster within organizations however small business still are wary about investment in business continuity and disaster recovery.  In a recent survey, data that showed the number of companies with disaster recovery plans declined 50 percent year-over-year in 2013.  On top of that, only a fraction of those with plans actually test them, so the number of businesses with strong recovery capabilities is limited.

Why so many unprepared companies? 

1. Time – Planning is complex, and many businesses simply can’t afford to spend the time and money.

2. Money – Many businesses are unsure about spending money on disaster recovery when the ROI is not obvious.

3. Value – Businesses still don’t quite understand their dependency on technology.

How our IT support team creates a Disaster Recovery Plan?

  • Meet with management and establish the scope of the disaster recovery plan
  • Gather all relevant network information including infrastructure layout
  • Identify what management perceives as the most serious threats to the IT infrastructure
  • Identify what management perceives as the most serious vulnerabilities to the IT infrastructure
  • Review previous history of outages and disruptions and how they were handled
  • Identify what management perceives as the most critical IT assets
  • Determine the maximum outage time management can accept if the identified IT assets are unavailable
  • Identify the operational procedures currently used to respond to critical outages
  • Determine when these procedures were last tested to validate their appropriateness.

Once all information is compiled, all information should be put into a gap analysis report that identifies what is currently done versus what ought to be done.  This will include recommendations on how to achieve the required level of preparedness, and estimated investment required.

How can a Managed IT Services (MSP) provider help?

Managed IT Services (MSP) providers will perform backup monitoring of your local and Cloud as your trusted partner.  Ultimately, the disaster recovery pains are challenge for clients including time and money.  But the right partnerships can alleviate these pains, and as a result, make your disaster recovery plans all the more effective.



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