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How to Create a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

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As a long time IT consulting firm, let’s start off by no IT security solution is 100%.  It is important you backup key data and business applications so you can recover them if disaster strikes your business.

So where do you start to create your business Disaster Recovery Plan?

Here is a list of the help you create your business backup and recovery plan:


Why does your business a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Every business needs a backup and recovery plan no matter how small or large.  There are many reasons why including human error, natural disaster, fire, power failure, hardware failure or even sabotage.  You can control some issues however it is impossible to control all of them.  Developing and implementing a disaster recovery plan includes backup and recovery processes that ensure your business can get back up and running quickly.


What should you backup?

Some companies backup everything in the IT network including complete operating systems, software, applications, websites, eCommerce sites and all data stored locally, network and remotely in cloud storage services.  This is the best option however if you are facing tight timelines and budgets,   it is very important to at least back up critical items so you can continue to run your business along with anything that’s required to meet any regulatory compliance.  A severe data loss will cost you lost of productivity, affect company image and may result in legal liability.


How frequently should data and applications be backed up?

Industry leading IT Support professionals suggest doing backups on a daily basis.  Industry best practice also includes to conduct weekly check to ensure your backup is working properly including testing the recovery system.  This is vital to business because if you are unable to retrieve your data and restore your key IT functions when you need to, the backup is useless.


Where should I store backed up data and applications?

You should back up your data and applications locally as well as off-site in a Canadian ISO certified data centre.  Industry best practice and the best route for business is a combination of on-premises and off-site backup.  Cloud-based backup services tend to offer scalability, affordability and remote retrieval capabilities from any location with Internet service.



It is extremely important to not put all your business data in one basket, and to have a backup and recovery strategy in place that has been tested and updated regularly.  Also you should back up your data in more than one location using more than just one method.

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