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How to Boost Your IT Infrastructure Security?

Do you know what the biggest risk to your IT network is?  Most say hackers however you would be surprised by the answer, your employees but they usually don’t do it on purpose. 

One of the biggest security risks is accidentally downloading malware.  They are viruses and Trojan horses that can cause big disruption within your IT network. Another common issue is neglecting to back up data.  There is also other issues to consider like security issues involve an employee mistakenly emailing confidential client information outside the company or an employee unintentionally deleting an important files.

As Toronto’s leading IT Support firm, we put together a checklist for making sure your IT Infrastructure are secure.

  • Do you have a security policy that covers acceptable IT use, password policies and procedures for downloading and installing new software?
  • Do you store all data in a centralized server?
  • Is your data backed up locally and in a remote location?
  • Do you have a firewall and does it have intrusion detection and antivirus for all traffic?
  • Do all systems have antivirus software and the latest system updates and security patches?
  • Do you have a secure wireless network?
  • Do you do a periodic audit of your IT security checklist?


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