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How Tablets Help Streamline Business?

Tablets are for business regardless of the type of business you are in, chances are there are a tablet will make your job easier.  The combination of the above benefits and the multitude of apps available can enhance your efficiency, productivity and performance. 

We are going to look at how tablets help four industries below:

REAL ESTATE  is a great example of how a tablet can make an agent more productive and potentially make a sale because they have all the information needed at their fingertips.  The tablet will be able to access maps, MLS listings and other relevant records quickly. Often an agent doesn’t have a ton of room to set up a laptop and their car is often their remote office.  Once a buyer wants to make an offer, this can be done right on the tablet.  The agent can keep forms on their tablet or have them emailed from the office and it can even be signed right on the tablet.  This saves the time of going back to the office to complete paperwork and could make all the difference of whether a sale is made or not.  The tablet also acts as a camera and video camera to document listings and have those images readily on hand.

INSURANCE is another field where tablets can really streamline efforts. Whether giving quotes or inspecting claims, agents and adjusters are almost always mobile.  The camera is a major plus for insurance investigators and adjusters as photos have to be submitted with a claim and tablets make it easy.  Agents also need the ability to access a number of different types of forms. In the event of an emergency, agents and adjusters may be required to set up a temporary claims office.

RESTAURANTS are using tablets in place of menus.  There is an initial cost for the tablets but there is no longer a need for printing new menus, which can happen every season.  Wine lists, deserts menus, and daily specials can be added cutting out the need for printing daily.  One of the greatest benefits of the tablet format is the ability to add photos of the samplings.  Many surveys show that a restaurant can sell more items when consumers can see what the item is going to look like.  Also specials can change as in the course of the day.

MEDICAL offices are realizing the upside of using tablets. They can check in a patient, record their vital signs and input the information.  The doctor can be much more efficient referencing the vitals from check-in, along with a more thorough patient record. They can also access medication databases to aid in writing prescriptions.  At this point they can send prescriptions and lab requests electronically using a more secure, less error prone method of transmission.


How to manage the mobile workforce?

The modern mobile worker is not constrained by a desktop or even a single platform.  They demand the freedom to work efficiently and securely, no matter where they are.   With 365 iT SOLUTIONS providing Managed IT Services, you organizations can protect and maintain smartphones and tablets alongside their desktops and laptops, securely and reliably.

Our Managed IT Services provide organizations and the end users the leading lead IT support as well as the benefit of mobile computing with complete data security.

How is your organization protecting their mobile workforce?


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