How much malware is detected daily?


Everyone hears about malware and its increasing attacks, but how much malware is detected daily? The number is alarming and you should protect yourself from it.

Kaspersky Lab released some alarming numbers on new malware files detected by its products in 2016.  The alarming number is 323,000 per day which is an increase of 13,000 from 2015. The growing number of cyberthreats is increasing daily and impossible to process manually.

Organizations need to start automating their entire IT security policy and procedure including malware discovery and analysis process. The next factor is to train and educate the user human knowledge to have the best possible approach when it comes to fighting cyber threats.

So how much malware is detected daily?  According to Kaspersky Lab, it has been growing steadily over the last 5 years at a rate of 40.5 percent in December 2016 compared to 2011.  Another alarming stat is that malware has increased from 70,000 files per day in 2011 to 323,0001 per day in 2016.

How can you protect yourself from malware?

  1. Make sure your systems are updated and secure.
  2. Do not open random pop-up windows, error messages and attachments.
  3. Try to eliminate and block spam.
  4. Think twice before installing any new software

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