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How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost

How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost

One common question for organizations is how much does managed IT services cost? There are many factors in the price of a Managed IT service provider, but there are also many common factors that affect baseline price.

Many organizations feel overwhelmed with their IT technical support problems. In that case, the organization may consider hiring another company to assist. Managed IT service providers (MSPs) are companies that manage other organizations IT infrastructure.

Global IT service spending is estimated to reach 1.1 billion dollars according to Gartner. Managed IT Services costs vary from $25 to $250 per user/device per month.

A good managed IT services provider can provide a quick estimate on how much managed IT services will cost you however they should offer a complimentary network assessment to evaluate several parts of your organization.

The complimentary network and security assessment should cover these areas:

  • Identify current technical support and IT infrastructure issues
  • Evaluate current IT infrastructure, cyber security practices, and history of the IT network
  • Identify the organizations “wants” regarding technology, cyber security, and future company growth
  • Produce a custom plan and proposal based on your organization

Like a good IT department, this will create a solid foundation from day 1 when entering a long-term partnership with a managed IT services provider.

The goal for a managed IT service provider is to exceed expectations, offer locked in prices, and make IT reliable.

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As a baseline, an organization can estimate how much they will spend on managed IT services based on five key factors.

Managed IT services provider (MSP) prices are affected by five factors:

  1. The required amount of service time
  2. The number of users
  3. The number of servers
  4. The amount of data
  5. Changing needs

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Here are some hidden fees a managed IT services provider may have hidden or not revealed unless asked. Lower costs do mean a different quality of service or non-enterprise-class tools.

  1. New computer setups are an additional charge.
  2. They will cap the number of hours per month, anything extra is billable.
  3. You will only have access to level 1 and level 2 technical support, level 3 technical support will be extra.
  4. They will look at locking you into a multiyear managed IT services agreement.
  5. All software services will be extra or come with an additional cost such as anti-virus.
  6. They will charge for every item on your network including firewalls, network switches, printers, etc.
  7. They are not federally certified under CyberSecure Canada

All these items affect the pricing for monthly managed IT services. If you compare a flat fee company that includes everything in their monthly managed IT services compared to another managed IT services provider that gives you the bare minimum and make everything an extra cost, the flat fee company will be more cost effective over the long run.

A good managed IT services provider (MSP) perform a complimentary assessment, break down their services in different clearly in a proposal, and be able to clearly cover their plan to offer your organization proactive managed IT services.

Technical support IT issues should not be getting in the way of productivity, cyber security, and growth.

365 iT SOLUTIONS  is a leader in getting IT issues resolved while maintaining an organizations IT budget using our federally certified Managed IT Company in Toronto.

Why do organization work with 365 iT SOLUTIONS  for Toronto IT Solutions?

Simple, we make IT simples!

Our clients have total confidence in their IT systems, cyber security, and growth using our team of Toronto based IT technical support experts.

We save organizations time and money in critical IT project implementation by including our project guarantee. No surprise cost as our IT project management offers fixed costs.

Our award-winning technical support service desk is active 24/7/365 ensuring our clients do not have to worry about off-hours, holidays, vacations, and employees leaving.

Our cost-effective IT solutions are delivered to our clients as they have created a long-term partnership with one of the best IT companies in Toronto.

The managed IT services (MSP) team can system breakdowns, setup new computers, conduct expert IT diagnosis, troubleshoot technical support issues, and create documented remedies for cyber security incidents.

We are you IT department from configuration, hardware, software, network, servers, office 365, printer, and laptops. Our clients trust us as we are a federally certified managed IT services provider (MSP) and one of the most experienced Toronto Managed IT support teams and support services.

365 iT SOLUTIONS  is federally certified under CyberSecure Canada certification, award-winning managed IT services Toronto, and one of Canada’s first 10 organizations to be certified under Cyber Secure Canada.

Hackers can have your credentials to compromise your account. We offer a complimentary data breach scan that will be able to check the darkweb.

We are a boutique Toronto IT consulting firm specializes in award winning Managed IT ServicesCyber Security Training and Dark Web MonitoringBusiness continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)IT Support ServicesIT Outsourcing Services. Managed Security ServicesTech Support Services, and Cloud Services.

We Make IT Simple!


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