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How Does Cybersecurity Work

How Does Cybersecurity Work

Cybersecurity can seem complicated as it encompasses so many things but how does cybersecurity work at protecting your business?

Businesses cannot secure their IT infrastructure using one tactic and leave it to Managed Security Services or Managed IT Services Toronto. Industry best practices indicate that a good cybersecurity service will include multiple layers of protection that cover all aspects of technology use including Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR).

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How has cybersecurity become a vital part of daily business operations?

The answer is that even one cyber attack can be devastating to a business financially. A data breach or malware infection results in 60 percent of small businesses closing their doors within 6 months.

This is the biggest nightmare to any business as well as their Tech Support Services  and Outsourced IT Support Toronto.

Managed IT Services in Toronto and security companies examine several aspects of a company’s IT infrastructure, including devices and user habits. Identifying cybersecurity risks that could enable a phishing attack to succeed or allow an attacker to access a company system or cloud application, is the goal.

There are so many ways hackers can get into a business’s network that many businesses don’t know where they are vulnerable. Cyber security consultants and Managed IT Services Mississauga providers will stay on top of all the latest attack methods, zero-day exploits, and tools to combat them.

There are many different elements of cybersecurity to consider with your IT Outsourcing Toronto. This includes:


Application cybersecurity is all about keeping software applications safe from threats, hackers, and cyber criminals. Cloud applications cybersecurity services consider data breaches that are often caused by misconfigured security settings. Many companies use Cloud Services such as Microsoft 365 and AWS without understanding that cybersecurity settings need to be customized.

Misconfiguration of cloud application cybersecurity is primarily caused by:

  • Cloud security policies that are not understood
  • Cloud services controls and oversight are insufficient
  • Too many interfaces are used to govern the application cybersecurity
  • Employees insider negligence

Application cybersecurity services will help strengthen application cybersecurity by setting up multi-factor authentication and administration privilege controls.


The term information security refers to the protection of company data as well as data collected from clients, customers, and vendors. This is often managed by an organizations IT department, IT Outsourcing Services, or Managed IT Services.

Many companies will be required to adhere to one or more information security standards. If Personal Identifying Information (PII) is compromised as a result of negligence, stiff penalties may apply.

Toronto cybersecurity companies examine how you collect, store, and transmit data. As needed, they will encrypt data, and ensure it is protected from being compromised.


When it comes to disaster recovery planning, many companies turn to Toronto cybersecurity consulting services. To avoid becoming one of the 60 percent of companies that fold after a cyberattack, you need to take these steps.

Two important components of disaster recovery protection are:

  • Proactively prevent data breaches and malware infections.
  • Proactively maintain a quick recovery plan if infected.

Cyber security consultants implement measures such as backup and recovery systems, incident response drills, and strong endpoint protection.


The goal of network security is to proactively protect your physical network as well as all the devices connected to it. Next generation firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing traffic for cyber threats in most companies.

Cybersecurity services in Toronto also ensure network security by securing your wireless network and encrypting all remote connections.

It ensures that only authorized users can access the network, and that suspicious behavior within the network does not indicate a breach.


End-user cybersecurity refers to protecting the devices users use, as well as the users themselves. Since 91 percent of cyberattacks begin with phishing emails, end-user security is essential.

End-user protection includes the following types:

  • Proactively updating devices
  • Next generation antivirus and anti-malware management
  • Proactive DNS filtering blocking malicious websites
  • Preventing cybersecurity breaches at the firmware level
  • Enforced screen locks with passcode
  • Proactive management of device detection and remote management

You could suffer a breach if an unprotected employee device gets infected with malware and spreads it throughout your network if you do not use next generation end-user security with artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic ransomware disconnection.

Proactive employee security awareness training is another important component of end-user security. A regular training program should teach employees how to detect phishing emails, protect passwords, handle sensitive data, and other important aspects of cyber hygiene.


Taking a step back and looking at your entire security strategy is key to operational cybersecurity. Toronto IT services provider will think like hackers and cybercriminals when providing operational IT security consultations. A potential breach will be probed in all areas of your IT environment.

An operational security process encompasses all your IT security processes. The strategy ensures that the operation is not only protecting all areas of a potential breach, but that it is also continuously updating its security strategies to stay on top of the latest threats.

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All Toronto businesses need to ensure they are aware of their cybersecurity risk to lower the risk.

You can have 365 iT SOLUTIONS conduct a cybersecurity assessment and complimentary data breach scan for your Toronto business to determine potential areas of risk and solutions.

In Toronto, 365 IT SOLUTIONS is a CyberSecure Canada  certified managed IT services provider.

How Does Cybersecurity Work? We Make IT Simple!


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