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How do Managed IT Services Benefit Small Businesses?

SMB businesses have many options to save money or revolutionize their industry and many ask how do managed IT services benefit small businesses?

Many organizations are using or have heard of managed IT services however there is a very large different definition of what it truly is in the business landscape.  Managed IT services is outsourced IT services delivered to your organization at predictable monthly cost.

This allows you to know the exact IT services your organization will be getting and what you will be paying for them.  The benefit here is that you will get no surprise sky-high bill for services rendered at the end of the month.

How does managed IT service work?

True managed service providers (MSPs) use enterprise-class remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to proactive manage and maintain the performance and overall health of the IT infrastructure that powers your business operations.  Remember, true managed services providers (MSPs) do not use free remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools.

Many managed service providers monitor your network 24/7/365 however some will also offer 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) if your business is mission critical.  If the monitoring alerts them to any issue with you servers, devices, hardware or software, they respond quickly to resolve the issues. In most cases before you know it.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are complex as the offer IT solutions and services which include proactive regular systems maintenance including automated tasks like the cleaning of temporary files, applying tested security patches as requires, installing virus and malware protection. They will also handle your system backup and disaster recovery plan.

Your monthly managed IT services contract will give you access to a Help Desk that services your employees to keep them up and running. This will increase productivity and efficiency.  This proactive IT maintenance will stabilization your IT infrastructure and provide IT support remediation that will control your technology costs.

Are managed IT services better than other tech support options?

Option A is to hire an in-house IT support technician.  The misconception is that an organization with 20-60 employees feel that they need a dedicated person to can manage their IT infrastructure and technology.  Unfortunately, this is only one full-time employee and it will demand a significant salary since they have to be proficient with desktop, server, network support, and offer IT support help desk and IT management.  You will also need to cover vacation, sick days and pay increases.

Option B the Break/ Fix IT model.  The majority of smaller organizations take this option as they feel they are too small for a managed IT services provider and don’t feel that their organizations needs the 24/7 IT monitoring approach.  SMBs always feel the pressure to direct all resources on the product or service and not behind-the-scenes operations. They decide to use on-call IT techs when broken technology has already disrupted business.  The on-call IT support services response time and overall lack of familiarity with the IT infrastructure result in extended down time and proves to be a much more expensive resolution to IT management.

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