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How Coronavirus is Pushing Communication Technology Solutions Ahead

How Coronavirus Is Pushing Communication Technology Solutions Ahead

With the unfortunate outbreak of Coronavirus, many Chinese educators are increasingly turning to communication technology solutions so their students do not fall behind.

In a recent article on Gizmodo, they put together an article of a high school teacher holds class via video chat while under Coronavirus quarantine.   The teacher used a laptop, a $150 webcam, and an account with Zoom video conferencing to connect with his kids.  The class has a microphone that can be passed around the room for kids to ask questions.  They labelled it “distance learning” and it looks promising for the future.

With the release of this article, many organizations are seeing the value behind company group chat and collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams.  We will focus on Microsoft Teams over other comparable software such as Slack.

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What is the difference Microsoft Teams and Slack?

There are plenty of features, integrations, and options that make them the same however Microsoft Teams has one major advantage over slack, the Microsoft 365 factor.

Microsoft Teams business game-changer is its seamlessly integration with Microsoft Microsoft 365. Microsoft Teams brings every app in the cloud-based Microsoft Microsoft 365 suite into Microsoft Teams in custom tab format.

This gives organizations and employees the ability to add Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Meetings, Notes, OneNote, Planner, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and a host of other third-party apps, all without leaving Microsoft Teams.  What more function, say hello to Microsoft Power BI.   Here you get the ability to use Microsoft Power BI within your team and interact with real-time data visualizations.


Why do IT departments and managed IT services provider love the Microsoft 365 factor? Control.

Microsoft gives organizations the ability to control security centrally including encryption of data, messages, and files, in transit and at rest.  You also can integrate two-factor authentication such as Microsoft Authenticator app.

By using the Microsoft Microsoft 365 Admin Center, your organization has control over Microsoft Teams.  This includes the following abilities:

  • Ability to turn on/off Microsoft Teams for entire organization
  • Ability to control user profiles look and feel
  • Ability to turn off video and screen sharing in calls and meetings
  • Ability to control various kinds of content, animated images, and stickers
  • Ability to limit animated images by content rating
  • Ability to turn off support for tabs from Microsoft partners or side-loaded apps
  • Ability to set priority notifications for specific industries
  • Ability to annotate and share images securely with data storage policies set by your IT department or managed IT services provider.
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Do you want to put Microsoft Teams to the test? Try the Microsoft Teams Interactive Demo.

Organizations need to see Microsoft Teams as the hub of Microsoft 365.    Microsoft has put together the following experience on how organizations can use Microsoft teams to achieve more while using chats, meetings, files and apps live in a single centrally controlled work space.

With this interactive Microsoft Teams demo, you will get a guided tour of Microsoft Teams.  This will allow you to understand the Microsoft Teams app as well as learn about key features.   It will also allow you to try some real-life actions and help a team make important decisions.

Click here to start your Microsoft Teams Interactive Demo.

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Microsoft Teams works well for organizations that use Microsoft 365.   It provides fast reliable team chat with a variety of features including optional audio calls, video calls, screen sharing, and built-in task management.

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Microsoft Teams vs Slack How Coronavirus is Pushing Communication Technology Solutions Ahead 365 iT SOLUTIONS (5)

Reference article – GIZMODO “High School Teacher Holds Class Via Videochat While in Coronavirus Quarantine”




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