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How Big Data and Data Privacy Fail

Privacy? What is data privacy? The reality is that companies have to address big data and data privacy as it has become a way of life for everyone that accesses the internet.

In the age of big data, privacy has become a serious issue for governments, corporations and individuals worldwide. IT professionals at Governments have the constant threat of a potential of leak of sensitive information or tech support services at corporations are worried about hacking and protecting their organization from corporate espionage. Smaller businesses have these concerns also but for a good reason. As most of them that believe in proactive IT management rely on a managed IT services provider to handle this security concern for them. Governments and companies usually hire IT consulting companies plus spend a lot of money and time to protect their data, security and business.

It is a simple rule, information is power and the more information that is out there, the higher the risks. Big data can be a very profitable business as some companies collect people’s personal information and then sell it to other organizations so they can use the data to directly market to individuals with targeted ads.

If you are looking to protect your business, it is a multilevel approach but the first step is to have an active firewall with a security suite including gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and application intelligence and control service and finally content filtering service. Our network and security audits have shown that companies often spend too much time addressing potential vulnerabilities.

Here are some other steps to address big data and data privacy. You should always protect your network by using a VPN to reduce intrusions, installing antivirus and anti-spam software and ensuring your network is proactively managed including the latest updates. Companies should also invest into two step authentication. Finally, one last item comes down to employee education. Employees need to understand that they should not click on unknown links, popups or open emails that are sent from unknown individuals, companies or of course, have attachments.

How does your company IT security measure up when put to the test?

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