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Healthcare IT and managed services work together for success

How healthcare IT and managed services work together

Healthcare IT is helping the industry to grow as they embrace technology with the help of managed services providers.

Healthcare providers need to understand how healthcare IT and managed services work together including the benefits to their business and success. With advancement of technology, healthcare companies can now keep up and deliver better patient care while maintain security. This has been a main reason with more healthcare organizations are turning to managed services providers to lower costs and improve productivity.

There are many IT consulting providers that provide these services and tech support services however there are certain managed services providers that work specifically within the healthcare sector.

Here are some important points to consider when picking a managed services provider if you are in the healthcare sector.

Guarantee response times and SLA

When working with managed services providers, it comes to down to providing fast response times. You should always ensure you are offered 24/7 guarantees response times and a written service-level agreement (SLA).

Business continuity plan

Every business needs a business continuity plan or you are putting your organization in jeopardy.  You should be looking at your managed services provider to develop a recovery plan from major outages or natural disasters. They can create redundant systems as well as automatic failovers. As a healthcare organization, you cannot afford to lose valuable medical data in the event of a disaster.

Proactive IT security

If you do business in the US, you need to comply with HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  If you do business in Canada, you need to comply with PIPEDA, The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Failing to meet regulations may result in huge fines, serious penalties, loss of contract and even the withdrawal of your license to operate. Your experienced managed services provider will offer proactive IT security services that include identity-based security and encryption as well as user authorized access control, data accountability and integrity.


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