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Healthcare takes the top spot for all ransomware


Ransomware is attacking and healthcare takes the top spot for all ransomware at a staggering 88 percent. Is your business safe from these security threats?

Ransomware Cryptowall was the top ransomware variant in the healthcare industry with nearly 94 percent of detections. Healthcare has been carrying the biggest target for ransomware hackers because the healthcare industry is most likely to pay the ransom to retrieve their vital data.

Even thou the healthcare industry is carrying the largest target, this does not mean everyone else is safe. It is vital that organizations take important steps in protecting their highly sensitive data belonging to the company and clients.

  1. As malicious ransomware has been attacking many organizations, you must have a robust backup and recovery process including complete disaster recovery plan.
  2. You also need to ensure your IT department or managed IT services providers is using active security software that is up-to-date and able to detect the most recent ransomware variants.
  3. As malicious ransomware threats continue to evolve, it will be crucial that organizations have defined incident-response procedures as well as preventive controls in place to reduce ransomware’s impact.

Healthcare takes the top spot for all ransomware but here are some interesting numbers to consider when thinking about your company, data, and security.

  • According to Symantec, Q1 of 2016 saw an average of 4,000 ransomware attacks per day.
  • According to the same study from Symantec, in 2015, an average of nearly 1,000 new variants per day.
  • According to Websense a Raytheon company, healthcare providers are 4.5 times more likely to be hit by Cryptowall ransomware than companies in other industries.

Ransomware is very different from other viruses and many IT departments and managed IT services professionals have had to deal with a company that has been affected with ransomware at some point in time.

Healthcare takes the top spot for all ransomware however you can protect your business. Our complimentary network and security assessment will put your security to the test.

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