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What Our Clients Say About Us

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Ontario healthcare providers rely on having everything up and running consistently.

Unlike other industries, healthcare downtime will affect patients while other industries may see downtime as a loss of resources. Healthcare providers also have to worry about cyber security and compliance including regulations such as The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Our goal is to ensure any Ontario healthcare provider adheres to Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario as well as Ministry of Health Ontario.

For Ontario medical providers to remain productive, compliant, and secure, they must have proper Managed IT Services in Toronto.

Many times, that means IT Outsourcing Services provides managed services resulting in your team being able to concentrate on healthcare services.

That's where a Managed IT Support Toronto provider comes in as they will manage everything IT proactively so that you can focus on your patients.

Our mission at 365 iT SOLUTIONS is to offer the best and most secure healthcare managed IT services and healthcare IT solutions possible.

Our definition of "world-class" goes beyond marketing speak. Our team of IT experts in Canada have been in business for decades. As a result of our experience in supporting the healthcare industry, our Toronto based team will know what you need even before you realize it.

When it comes to proactive healthcare IT Support Services needs for your business, you can ensure the network is always up, running and secure.

At a fraction of the cost of internal staffing, we aim to be the Managed IT Services for healthcare and pharmaceuticals in Toronto.

We combine world-class healthcare Cloud Services and Managed IT Support Toronto services with local Ontario knowledge...

With 365 iT SOLUTIONS as your award-winning healthcare IT services provider, you can expect the following:

  • Healthcare Managed IT Services with Proven Remotely Resolution

    365 iT SOLUTIONS provides tailored healthcare IT solutions that will easily become your competitive advantage with our cloud services. With our healthcare cloud services expertise, you can work remotely at a fraction of the cost of similar services.

    No matter where you are, you can access your onsite software, desktops, and data. You can eliminate your legacy servers and the ongoing maintenance costs by moving your healthcare IT infrastructure to the cloud. Get ahead of the competition with 365 iT SOLUTIONS.

  • Healthcare Managed IT Services Proactive Management and Monitoring Services

    365 iT SOLUTIONS provides healthcare technology to proactively help healthcare clinics and pharmacies ensure patient care instead of waiting for an IT problem before providing support. Our goal is to provide proactive IT management and IT maintenance for all your healthcare facilities.

  • Healthcare Managed IT Services with 24/7 Technical Support Help

    365 iT SOLUTIONS provides healthcare managed IT services to Toronto healthcare providers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Healthcare Managed IT Services Cybersecurity

    365 iT SOLUTIONS ensures healthcare clients entrust us with the protections of their sensitive data. This ensures patients are confident that it will be kept safe and secure in Canada. Despite the importance of data security in every industry, it is even more crucial in the Ontario healthcare systems. Data encryption, dark web scans, penetration tests, phishing prevention, endpoint security, and other cyber security methods are used to safeguard patient privacy.

  • Healthcare Managed IT Services Disaster Recovery and Data Backup

    365 iT SOLUTIONS understands that Ontario healthcare clients are essential and need to continue working in spite of a disaster or outage with a Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR). We use Canadian ISO certified data centers with redundant Canadian locations to ensure we can backup your mission-critical healthcare information.

Our healthcare managed IT services works very well with Intrahealth EMR, Excelicare EMR, OSCAR EMR, and PS Suite EMR.

Ontario healthcare providers need to provide their patients with the best care possible and this includes hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. We give them the ability to resolve all IT support issues with 365 iT SOLUTIONS healthcare IT services.

What are the benefits of 365 iT SOLUTIONS managed IT services for healthcare?

  • Healthcare technical support is available 24/7/365 to resolve technical issues instantly

  • Healthcare IT support services takes the burden off your internal IT team
  • Healthcare IT help desk is scalable for better workflow, peak times, and critical outages
  • Healthcare IT support issues can be resolved efficiently and effectively
  • Healthcare IT solutions are built for the Ontario healthcare provider environment to eliminate capital expenses and control overhead

Ontario healthcare providers are particularly in need of Managed IT Services Toronto since they deal with sensitive patient information. We give healthcare organizations the ability to optimize patient care, streamline administrative processes, and remain PIPDEA compliant by outsourcing managed IT services.

Health professionals may be hesitant to hand over control to outsiders, but working with trusted managed service providers (MSPs) or Managed Security Services (MSSP) can greatly improve efficiency and reduce data breaches.

A healthcare Tech Support Services provider helps medical centers and healthcare providers proactively manage their IT infrastructure efficiently, organized, protected, and compliant by taking over the often-confusing responsibility of doing so.

These are the top five reasons why Ontario healthcare professionals should consider Healthcare managed IT services.

Ontario Healthcare: How Can Healthcare Managed IT Services Benefit You and Your Patients?

1. Healthcare IT Solutions to Maintain PIPDEA compliance

Cloud technology, telehealth, and the increasing digitalization of electronic health records (EHRs) have greatly improved healthcare delivery but have also complicated safeguarding protected health information and cyber security.

It can be dangerous-and costly-for Ontario healthcare providers to fail to comply with PIPDEA regulations. In addition to ensuring your compliance and regularly assessing your infrastructure, a good Managed IT Services Mississauga will reduce the demands on your in-house IT team.

4. Healthcare Enhanced Patient Experience

Ontario healthcare providers are less stressed when their IT infrastructure is well-managed. The knowledge that their technology will work when they need it gives them a sense of continuity and peace of mind. Any delay in practitioners retrieving EHRs can delay treatment, appointments, or tests, so preventing downtime also directly benefits the patients. Patients also benefit from this peace of mind and seamless workflow. Having reliable technology and a reliable healthcare IT service provider that allows Ontario healthcare providers to focus on what they do best: providing high-quality patient care. Patient satisfaction is ultimately improved as a result.

2. Healthcare IT Solutions for Data Protection

Compliance with PIPDEA regulations is not the only way to protect your data. A data breach can be catastrophic for organizations in any industry, not just healthcare. The consequences are especially dire for organizations that deal with Protected Health Information (PHI).

By assessing your healthcare network and healthcare devices, 365 iT SOLUTIONS can identify and address the risks you are currently facing by providing Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring to your team and defend your organization.

3. Healthcare IT Costs and Efficiency

An in-house IT department is usually beyond the budget and resources of most Ontario healthcare organizations, especially one large enough to effectively protect, support, and manage their healthcare IT infrastructure. It is more cost-effective to use the experienced IT resources of a much larger organization through managed services providers (MSP). Managed service providers offer a more proactive holistic approach to protecting and preventing IT risks.

Healthcare managed IT services providers can assist with business continuity planning, resulting in increased uptime and optimal resource allocation. By increasing uptime and utilizing resources more efficiently, short- and long-term savings and staff burnout can be reduced.

5. Healthcare Cloud Technology

Ontario healthcare cloud services technology has revolutionized the way we store, share, and analyze patient data. A Canadian based cloud-based storage solution can save Ontario healthcare providers time, energy, headaches, as well as facilitate data sharing and interpretation.

Migrating to the cloud and protecting your cloud-based data can be extremely challenging, so organizations in healthcare rely on managed services providers to handle these difficult processes.

Patient experience is the driving force behind the move to the cloud. Ontario healthcare providers can securely share information with each other on the cloud, allowing for a more holistic view of a patient's health across various organizations or centers.

Ontario healthcare providers can unlock capabilities and cost savings using healthcare managed IT services. Ontario healthcare organizations need proven and trusted managed service providers more than ever before.

365 iT SOLUTIONS proactively help Ontario healthcare providers manage their healthcare IT technology, IT practices and cyber security so they can focus on the most important aspect of their business, their patients.

We are passionate about helping Ontario healthcare providers focus on what matters by using our industry-leading healthcare technology solutions.

Our mandate is to help Ontario healthcare providers hit their business goal with a limited IT budget.

If you are looking for healthcare managed IT services in Toronto, you are aware the it is vital especially in these days due to the rapid pace of technological advances. Without one, your open to data breaches as well as patient privacy concerns.

At 365 iT SOLUTIONS, as one of the first CyberSecure Canada certified healthcare managed IT services providers in Toronto, we are dedicated to helping organizations get better value for their IT investment.

Let our complimentary data breach scan put your network to the test against industry best practices.

With extensive proven experience "We Make IT Simple!".

How Does a Nonprofit Take Advantage of all the Technology Benefits?

365 IT SOLUTIONS provides proactive IT support services to nonprofits and charities in Toronto that need overage at the local, provincial, and national level. We understand and work to face the unique challenges nonprofits and charities face daily.

How Large Is the Nonprofit and Charity Sector in Canada?

In Canada, there are over 170,000 nonprofit organizations registered. They support Canadian communities and are faced with daily challenges of maintaining technology due to constrains from funding and lack of in-house IT departments.

Nonprofit and Charity Managed IT Services Support

365 IT SOLUTIONS provides managed IT services for charities and nonprofits. We have proven experience working with nonprofits and board of directors. This includes tight budgets, high expectations, complex relationships, and impactful results.

By using nonprofit industry specific programs, 365 IT SOLUTIONS delivers innovative technology solutions to help charities achieve their missions, goal, and help the community. As part of 365 IT SOLUTIONS charity managed IT services, we provide a resolute technical support team that allows you to get to know your charity.

How Can 365 iT SOLUTIONS Help a Nonprofit with IT Services?

  • Enhanced Employee Collaboration for Charities
    365 IT SOLUTIONS understands the importance of collaboration in today's hybrid work environment as well as collaborating with team members worldwide. Our Toronto technical support services team has worked with hundreds of clients to ensure that collaboration is seamless in their charity. By proactively leveraging technology such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, we can maximize employee productivity and develop important framework to keep data organized.

  • Enhanced User Risk Reduction for Charity
    365 IT SOLUTIONS can reduce the cyber security risks to your charity or nonprofit using the latest cybersecurity technology, policies, and proactive training. A lack of focused cybersecurity can lead to cybersecurity failing therefore increasing the risk of a hack or data breach. The nonprofit managed cyber security services specialists at 365 iT SOLUTIONS are trained to provide guidance and information on industry cyber security best practices.

  • Enhanced User Productivity for Charity
    Charity employee collaboration and file sharing can be maximized using industry specific software to enable increased productivity. Microsoft Teams can enable easy communication and collaboration between employees, volunteers, and partners worldwide. SharePoint facilitates seamless file sharing and collaboration. Another example is Microsoft Forms as it can provide a standardized way to gather valuable information and feedback in one area. It is now possible for nonprofit organizations to increase productivity by incorporating technology into their daily operations and future proofing their nonprofit IT infrastructure.

  • Enhanced User Experience for Nonprofits
    365 IT SOLUTIONS conducts a complimentary network assessment for any qualified nonprofit organization. We evaluate the network against industry best practices to see what improvements can be made over time including your hardware and software solutions.

  • Enhanced Process Improvement for Nonprofit
    Charity and nonprofits can use the latest software and artificial intelligence to streamline complicated processes by transforming them into digital ones. As part of your charity strategic IT services for nonprofits, we strive to understand the organization's end goal and streamline steps to free up employees.

  • Enhanced Cloud Services Management for Nonprofits
    A good nonprofit cloud service in Toronto is a great option for a charity because the hardware and software in the cloud environment are proactively managed for you rather than requiring significant capital expenditures for servers or additional staff. We will keep your nonprofit cloud services up to date and secure.

    365 IT SOLUTIONS has proven experience working with nonprofits and charities in Toronto. By using and sharing our years of technical expertise and resources, we make local nonprofits more efficient, innovative, secure, and able to focus on their mission primarily.

    We are one of the first companies in Canada to be Cybersecure Canada recognized.

    Try our complimentary data breach scan to see if your credentials are on the darkweb.

    365 IT SOLUTIONS helps nonprofits with their IT needs because “We Make IT Simple”!