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Healthcare industry security threats have risen over 300%

Healthcare industry security threats

A recent study from a web security firm has shown that the healthcare industry security threats have risen over the past years compared to other industries.

During 2014, they identified a 600 percent increase in cyber-attacks against hospitals within a 10-month period. They also examined the cyber-criminal attacks and uncovered information regarding effective cyber-attack tools, techniques and are impacting the healthcare industry.

Here are some interesting facts regarding security threats on the healthcare industry:

  • The healthcare industry has seen 340 percent more security threats than any other industry.
  • Medical information is 10 times more valuable on the black market making healthcare a major target.
  • Healthcare organizations carry a proliferation of electronic health records which creates a data-heavy environment giving cyber criminals an enormous area to attack.
  • The healthcare industry is four times more likely to be impacted by advanced malware.
  • With limited budgets, lack of IT skills or internal IT department, many healthcare organizations lack the skill and knowledge necessary to detect, mitigate and prevent cyber-attacks.
  • The healthcare industry is 74 percent more likely to be impacted by phishing schemes as there is a lack of effective security awareness training and employee security training.
  • Healthcare is more likely to be impacted by CryptoWall and Dyre. Dyre malware can cause a significant amount of data loss while CryptoWall encrypts and holds your data hostage.

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