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Healthcare company lost data backups and 950,000 client data

Healthcare company lost data backup and 950

If your company has the right backup procedures in place, this should never happen however a healthcare company lost data backups and 950,000 client data.

Unfortunately, Centene Corp. misplaced six hard drives with information on 950,000 customers. The six missing hard drives contained personal and health information on about 950,000 people. The data included names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, health information, and member ID numbers.

According to the organization, the hard drives do not contain any financial or payment data and they are conducting an internal investigation for the hard drives.

Centene Corp. will offer free credit and healthcare monitoring for all those affected by this security issue.

What are some effective rules to follow to avoid situations such as lost data backups?

  • Consistent Backup Policies – Your data backup procedure should encourage consistent backup policies across all the servers and backup devices no matter what device of location.
  • Make Backup Policies Easy and Clear – If a policy is not followed, it usually comes down to confusing or contradicting information. Your entire team needs to understand the policy and why it exists.
  • Establishes Backup Metrics – Ensure you have an effective procedure that is clear and measurable. Most modern backup software allows for automatic policy management features that help measure and maintain metrics.
  • Eliminate the Human Touch With the advancement of technology, the need for the human touch is eliminated with proper automation. A good backup policy will take the human touch out of the backup process as much as possible allowing backups to be more reliable by eliminating human error.

The purpose of a corporate backup procedures is to make it easy to establish good policies. Good corporate backup policies should reflect and adapt to the real business needs of your organization. If your company operates a slow inflexible procedure, it will hinder rather your efforts rather than hit your business goals. You need to make policy changes easy.

Has your company lost data backup? Have your data backups been tested? Is your business at risk?

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