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Hackers Are Winning the Cyber Security Battle

Hackers Are Winning the Cyber Security Battle

We have seen some incredible security breaches and it is a clear indication that hackers are winning the cyber security battle. Guess who is losing?

Large organizations have managed to lose some large amounts of data to hackers including files and personal confidential information.  Unfortunately, most of these breaches from cyber criminals may have happened years before they were even reported.  The reality is that there are hackers out there right now getting information from systems that are unaware of the security breach.

Hackers are winning the cyber security battle and here are some of the largest breaches:

  1. Yahoo! has confirmed admitted it had only realized it had lost data when it analyzed files presented to it in November. Approximately 1 billion accounts have been compromised in the cyber security breach. A few months later, they confirmed another breach of 500 million accounts that were affected. The data was taken in 2013/2014 and affected accounts were alerted. Here are the statements from Yahoo!, September 2016 and December 2016.
  2. Twitter acknowledged that almost 32 million Twitter usernames and passwords were for sale on the dark web by cyber criminals.
  3. LinkedIn had a large security breach as they were aware that 6.5 million accounts had been stolen in 2012 however in 2016 it became apparent much more data was taken and all the information was for sale on the dark web.
  4. Dropbox also went through multiple years of leaking information starting from 2012 resulting in a large data deposit containing account details of Dropbox accounts. Unfortunately, Dropbox had reported the breach but did not mention how many accounts were affected.
  5. Tumblr managed to lose 65.5 million Tumblr accounts as they were breached with data loss dating back to 2013.

Some other notable IT security breaches included the Healthcare industry as medical records could have been stolen in a series of attacks in the US. The largest one involved 3.7 million patient records with the possibly of a loss of confidential personal information that can be used in identity theft.

Hackers are winning the cyber security battle and you can protect yourself by using some simple steps:

  • Fortify your passwords as its strength is vital to your online defense
  • Browse HTTPS all the time as this will encrypt any stream of data between you and the service
  • Use a secret email address as publicly available information is the first step to getting access.
  • Use a password manager as it will not only automatically enter your complex passwords for you but it will alert you should anything go awry.
  • Set Up Login Notifications as most services offer to text you anytime an unrecognized IP address logs into your account.

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