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Why Hackers Target Small and Medium Size Businesses

Why Hackers Target Small and Medium Size Businesses

The reality has become that security should be a top priority for businesses however ever wonder why hackers target small and medium size businesses?

Hacking in the past had to do with causing disruptions to organizations however things have changed.  Now it has come down to money.  This has challenged IT departments, IT consultants and managed IT services providers to stay proactive on IT security.

As the IT security threats increase due to hackers and cybercriminals, many large organizations have built up their internal IT departments with cutting-edge technologies to address this concern and for this reason, hacker target small and medium size businesses. It also helps that there are a lot more small and medium size businesses than large organizations so the odds work for them.

Why Hackers Target Small and Medium Size Businesses? Simple, look at the numbers provided by Symantec.

  • Small and medium size businesses make up over 50% of all cyber-attacks.
  • Almost 5% of small and medium sized businesses are at risk of being victims of Ransomware.
  • According to Government of Canada Key Small Business Statistics from June 2016, they would equal almost 60,000 small and medium size businesses are at risk daily.
  • Cyber-attacks have risen for small and medium businesses over the past six years from 18% to 43%.
  • Over 50% of small and medium size businesses have encountered cyber-crime in the past 12 months.

Ransomware, Phishing, Malware and other cyber threats are becoming an ever-growing security threat in the business landscape.  Organizations proactively plan different scenarios and strategies to protect their business.  It is more cost effective to put in proactive IT security measures in place than having to deal with ransomware for example. A successful cyber-attack will result in damage to your organization including downtime, reputation, and financial consequences.

Our complimentary network and security assessment can protect you from hackers that target small and medium sized businesses as well as other threats that can affect your business.

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