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Hackers locked hotel guests out of their rooms for ransom

Hackers locked hotel guests out of their rooms for ransom

In the latest security breach, Hackers locked hotel guests out of their rooms for ransom and this is the third time the hotel has been hit.

Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt is a 4-star hotel on the banks of the Alpine Turracher Hoehe Pass in Austria. Unfortunately, this is the third successful round against cyber criminals and this one cost them money and reputation. Good news is, they decided to go public with what happened to warn others of the dangers of cybercrime.

The hackers managed to breach the hotel’s electronic key system which resulted in locking hundreds of guests out of their rooms until the money was paid. Unfortunately, new key cards could not be programmed either until payment. The cyber attack on the hotel was so large it even shut down several different systems including hotel computers, hotel reservation system and the hotel cash desk system.

Once the cybercriminals received the ransom money, they unlocked the hotel and returned all systems to normal.   The hackers did, however, leave a back door open in the system and tried to attack the systems again, however, unsuccessful as the computers were replaced and the latest security standards integrated. They also did some network isolation of key network systems.

The hotel is giving up on electronic keycards and switching back to old-fashioned keys.

Hackers locked hotel guests out of their rooms for ransom.

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