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Hackers Leverage Evil Cursor in Chrome to Lock Out Users

Hackers Leverage Evil Cursor In Chrome To Lock Out Users

Cyber criminals are constantly coming up with new techniques and now hackers leverage evil cursor in chrome to lock out users. Users beware.

These attacks allow them to cause user panic and seek their bogus services.  The hack applies to Google Chrome (69.0.3497.81) and prevents the users from closing the browser tab or clicking on the “X” in the upper right corner.

Hackers Leverage Evil Cursor in Chrome to Lock Out Users (1)

When this attack is initiated, the cyber crime victims believe that they are pressing the “X” to close the browser, but the inserted malicious code turn into a large box.  This allows for the “click” or “call to action” to be applied to multiple parts of the window and disables them from performing any other action.

Malwarebytes cyber security team has stated that this is part of the Partnerstroka campaign and one of many cyber tricks used against modern browsers.   The “evil cursor” trick was first leveraged by a cyber crime group called Partnerstroka however it has now passed on to other hacker groups.

Cyber crime researchers have been following this Partnerstroka campaign and it is only getting better. The landing pages look very professional and it does not matter which browser the victims use.  The hackers can identify it and they know how to “lock” the screen and make the users panic.  They are constantly registering new domains at an alarming rate and victims are redirected to the latest one.

At the moment, there is no quick fix as hackers leverage evil cursor in chrome to lock out users.  This is a big reminder to organizations that they must remember that there are no shortcuts when it comes to security problems and protection.

Cyber security is not easy but a multi layered approach to security of the network is one of the safest bets. Hackers leverage evil cursor in chrome to lock out users however you can reduce your exposure.

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