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Hackers continue to actively attack SMB

Hackers continue to actively attack SMB

Most SMB do not see themselves as a target however hackers continue to actively attack SMB since they are easy targets.

The biggest mistake small and midsize business (SMB) make is that they believe by having a firewall, antivirus, and for some, two-factor authentication, this is good enough because they feel they have nothing in value to a hacker.

Not only are small and midsize business (SMB) growing as the favored targets for ransomware hackers but they with over 60 percent shutting down within six months of a security breach according to the US National Cyber Security Alliance.

Recently, a leading IT security firm released some stats on a survey conducted. Their study showed that approximately 95 percent of IT professionals that handle small and midsize business (SMB) believe their network and cyber security policies are above average however the same respondents all admitted they could improve their IT security systems.

Small and midsize business (SMB) need to be proactive and pay attention. Have data backups, test backups, recover backups, patch everything.

Many cyber security firms have shown that most small and midsize business (SMB) have the right tools in place to protect their network however they did not have the proper execution to protect them.

Social engineering has a 50 percent success rate which should be alarming to any business. Many of the successful attacks happen because of user error while the rest comes down to non-patched systems and inadequate scanning of their systems.

Small and midsize business (SMB) must understand that email is a major vulnerability.  Most systems such as Microsoft 365 and Google for Business have built-in spam filters, however, there are other add-ons that can be used to reduce the cyber threats.

Many organizations in the small and midsize business (SMB) market need to protect if not their own, their clients’ intellectual property as this may include industry trade secrets. Unfortunately, many of these organizations do not have the time or resources to dedicate to build a strong IT security policy and practice.

Hackers continue to actively attack SMB and you need to look at the big picture and understand the threats.

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