Google Tricks You Do Not Know

Want to learn some interesting Google tricks?  There are many Google tricks out there however here are some Google tricks that will help you get the most out of Google.

Here is a list of some cool unknown Google Tricks:

  • Search in a website – If you are looking for in a specific information within a website simply follow this simple step. For example, if you wanted to search “365itsolutions” for information on the “cloud”, all you have to do is type “cloud”
  • Search by file type – You can search for specific types of files by adding “filetype:” and the 3-letter file abbreviation. For example, “cloud filetype:doc”
  • Include or ignore words – If certain words are essential to your search, such as “the” or “and,” you can highlight them by putting quotation marks around them. You can also use the minus sign to specify particular items that you don’t want in your results. For example type “cloud –your data” would exclude the word “your” from the search.
  • Find related pages – If you find a website you really like, you can search for similar pages by typing “related:” in front of the web address. For example, if you wanted to search for websites similar to 365itsolutions, you would just have to type “” and you will be shown a range of related websites.
  • Similar terms – Google can generate results that include synonyms by placing the “~” sign immediately in front of your search term. So, for example, a search for “wearable ~devices” will also return results for “wearable technology.”

So now that you have access to these Google tricks, go have some fun online.


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