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Goodbye to Microsoft Windows Server 2003


Last year, Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP. 2015 is time to say goodbye to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 but is your business ready for the end?

The end of Windows Server 2003 support will arrive on July 14th, 2015.  The big issue here is that small and midsized businesses (SMBs) running Windows Server 2003 will face many IT support issues including many security risks.

Security patches and updates will no longer be available for Windows 2003 and older servers will be more vulnerable to malicious attacks. You could be risking both your business data, including your customer’s personal information and credit card data, as well as your intellectual property.

If you happen to have an IT support issue, you will no longer have the ability to contact Microsoft for technical support. This becomes particularly important when a system experiences an outage and customers are unable to restore the system and recover data and applications from a down server.  If customers choose to operate Windows 2003 server past the deadline, companies put themselves at risk and potentially in a regulatory noncompliance situation.

Plan and upgrade Windows Server 2003

Since the launch of Server 2008, there have been many new features and security measures added to Microsoft products.  Now companies can have on premises server with Microsoft Server 2012 or go to the cloud with Azure cloud computing.  You can even do a hybrid cloud approach and put both in play.

Companies should perform a network assessment of their current environment and future business goals.  By performing an assessment, many companies are surprised to find out how many instances of server they are running including the workloads and applications.

By upgrading, there is an endless list of advantages including:

  • Updated supported operating system from Microsoft.
  • Access to cloud computing and disaster recovery.
  • Ability to virtualize an IT environment and reduce power usage and physical footprint.
  • More scalable solutions for changing business environments.

The deadline is fast approaching and you need to plan and execute your server upgrade plan.

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