Hacked Gmail on Smartphones

With an incredible 92% success rate, US researchers have hacked Gmail accounts.

By exploiting a weakness in smartphone memory, the researchers disguised malicious software as a downloaded app and they were able to gain access to a number of other apps including Gmail.

The researchers performed this test on many popular apps however Gmail was among the easiest to access on an Android phone but the researchers believe it could work on all smartphones.

So what was the hardest? The Amazon app with a 48% success rate.

The US researchers hacking method involved accessing the shared memory of a smartphone using malicious software disguised as an app or wallpaper.  This shared memory is used by all apps and the hack would analyze it which would tell them how a user was logging into apps such as Gmail.  This would provide them with login details and passwords.

All tests were carried out on Android phones however researchers believe the attacks could be successful on Windows and Apple phones because their apps use shared data in the same way.

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