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Free Ransomware Decryption Tools

Free Ransomware Decryption Tools

Ransomware is increasing but IT security researchers have released two free ransomware decryption tools that can help users recover encrypted files from two new ransomware threats: Bart and PowerWare.

What is BART ransomware?

BART ransomware will stash away your files inside password-protected ZIP folders and you have to pay for the password. Infected files will appear with “” added to their original name. AVG offers Bart decryptor that works by comparing a single encrypted file with its unencrypted original. This will require an unaffected copy of the files that have been encrypted. The BART decryption tool is part of the recent free ransomware decryption tools release.

What is PowerWare?

PowerWare ransomware (a.k.a. PoshCoder) was discovered attacking healthcare organizations through Windows PowerShell. It would run a scripting application usually used by IT systems administrators. Palo Alto Researchers were able to create PowerWare decryption tool that unlocks the encrypted data. It is not as easy at the Bart decryptor tools but your IT department or trusted support company will be able to handle it. The PowerWare decryption tool is part of the recent free ransomware decryption tools release.

It is great when IT security researchers release free decryption tools but cyber criminals are quick to fix their errors. These tools may work on one variant of a particular ransomware but not the next one so it is important to take proactive measures to avoid these risks.

How do you protect yourself from Ransomware?

  1. Ensure you have regular backup including onsite and offline/cloud backups of your data.
  2. Ensure your system including applications is up-to-date with the latest critical updates and patches.
  3. Ensure you are running the latest version of an active anti-virus and malware application.
  4. Ensure you have a multi-layered security approach to your entire infrastructure.

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