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Four Industries That Benefit from Managed IT Services and Cloud Services

Four Industries That Benefit From Managed IT Services And Cloud Services

Not all industries are the same and many have unique needs including these four industries that benefit from managed IT services and cloud services.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is a leading managed IT services provider (MSP) specializing in helping organizations in all industries make the most of their technology investments while removing the high cost and complexity in the Greater Toronto Area.

Since we work with so many different industries regarding their IT needs and cloud computing needs, we have put together how managed IT services will help organizations in the Hospitality, Medical & Dental, Advertising, and Legal industries.

This article is to allow management and organizations to make informed decisions when choosing whether to partner with a managed IT and cloud services partner for a long-term strategic partnership.

Many organizations are starting to see the advantages of working with a managed IT services provider for their IT solutions and cloud services.  This gives them the opportunity to adopt more advanced technology to stay competitive.

The truth behind it is that an MSP offers the complete package including unique offerings such as off-site data backup and recovery as well as compliance standards like HIPAA and PCI.

Here are four industries that benefit from managed IT services and cloud services including an explanation to why it is important.

  1. Hospitality (Restaurants, Cafés, Hotels, Bars, and Nightclubs)

Here is an industry that is adopting technology at an increased rate.  This includes point-of-sale (POS) computers, credit card machines, guest Wi-Fi, inventory control, security cameras, and the remaining items that are IP-based.  This leaves these organizations in a tough position to handle very complex system that requires security, maintenance, and PCI compliance.  A managed IT services provider can easily handle these tasks at a fraction of the cost of a full-time IT person.

  1. Medical Practices and Dental Practices

Patient information is revealing of many people’s personal life. Medical practices and dental practices handle people’s personal and private data.  They also handle insurance billing and credit card processing.   Dues to all these procedures and policies, medical practices and dental practices have a legal and moral responsibility to keep data safe, secure, and compliant under PIPDEA and HIPAA regulations if applicable.  This means they need to IT infrastructure monitored, maintained, and updated.  By partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP), medical practices and dental practices can focus on treating patients and not worrying about technology issues.

  1. Advertising Agencies and Marketing Agencies

Advertising agencies and marketing agencies handle a lot of important client information and intellectual property.  This includes extremely large files, multiple websites, multiple servers, and many different teams from many organizations.  Due to these advertising agencies and marketing agencies having their clients trust with their branding and public image, having network downtime and server issues can be catastrophic.  A managed IT services provider (MSP) can help ensure uptime with cloud-based services like server virtualization, server colocation, and online data storage.  They can help agencies be mobile and responsive by deploying and managing cloud services including applications like Azure, Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365), Google Workspace, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

  1. Legal Firms & Law Firms

Toronto-based law offices and law firms have security and regulatory needs as many other regulated industries.  It is important to maintain server uptime and mobility.  Managing all of this legal firm and law firm’s technology is a responsibility in many different areas.  Working with a managed IT services provider (MSP) is a smart business move as they can deploy and manage the technology that can help your team facilitate communication, collaboration, security, and reliability.

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