Focus on business and stop worrying about Ransomware

Focus on business and stop worrying about Ransomware

Ransomware is hitting the headlines daily and costing businesses big money but you should focus on business and stop worrying about Ransomware.

It is extremely important that you meet with your IT department or IT consultant and put together a proper disaster recovery plan. Like any business, you must be aware of your exposure and risk.

As Ransomware changes weekly, having an up-to-date antivirus solution is not enough to stop zero-day exploits and attacks. Here are three Ransomware that will help address the increasing frequency of Ransomware attacks.

  1. Reduce Your Risk from Ransomware an attack by implementing user awareness training, proactive system security patching and strict group policies.
  2. Reload Systems Infected from Ransomware as you are never to trust a compromised system.
  3. Recover from Ransomware by having a disaster recovery plan and process in place.

Some other proactive approaches to handling Ransomware include the following:

  • Have a corporate Incident Response plan in place in the event of a successful Ransomware attack.
  • Have a backup solution in place that offer onsite, offsite as well as tested for effectiveness.
  • Have a single management contact to handle the issue with your IT department or IT consultant.
  • Have regular user awareness training into threats such as email phishing, and websites.
  • Have a company policy to have important data files stored on the network and not the local machine.
  • Have a proper user permission policy as you need to limit users that require Local Administrative rights.

If you want to focus on business and stop worrying about Ransomware, you need to deploy as proactive IT management approach as well as a layered approach to the best defence against Ransomware.  Always ensure all software is up to date and you use a business-class anti-virus such as ESET. Tie this all into a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy.

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