“FLocker” Ransomware is now targeting smart TVs

“FLocker” Ransomware is now targeting smart TVs

Yes, you are reading the title right. Not only have servers, workstations and laptops been under attack, “FLocker” Ransomware is now targeting smart TVs and mobile devices.

Sharp and Philips smart TVs that are running Android TV OS can be hit by “FLocker”. It is a new device-locking ransomware that targets both Android-powered mobile devices and smart TVs.

FLocker (a.k.a “Frantic Locker”) has been around for approximately 12 months and its is very active as the threat keeps being delivered via spam SMS or malicious links.

According to Trend Micro, FLocker will first check to see whether the device is located in the following Eastern European counties: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia and Belarus. If the device detects that it is located in any of these locations, it deactivates itself.

If FLocker detects you are outside of it, it runs its routine 30 minutes after infecting the unit. It will then run a background service which requests device admin privileges. If the user denies it, it will freeze the screen faking system updating. The FLocker ransom is to be paid by iTunes Gift Card. and typing in the card code might return users to their senses – who ever saw any “cyber police” requiring iTunes gift cards in lieu of a cash fine?

“FLocker” Ransomware is now targeting smart TVs. How do you protect yourself?

If you have an Android TV and it gets infected, you should contact Sharp or Philips for solution at first or you can remove the malware if you enable ADB debugging. Users need to connect the device with a PC and launch the ADB shell. Once connected, execute the command “PM clear %pkg%”. This will kill the ransomware process and unlock the screen. Users can then deactivate the device admin privilege granted to the application and uninstall the app. If your mobile Android device gets hit by “FLocker”, you should be running security software to protect it from malicious apps and threats.

It is important to understand that Android OS versions running on mobile devices and smart TVs maybe different. Not all Android malware will run on both however cyber criminals are quick to adapt and attack.

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