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When Should You Fire Your IT Support Services


The definition of IT support services has expanded over the last 10 years.  From simple tech support issues, IT support services has expanded to include strategic IT direction and planning that align with business goals.

As a leading Managed IT Services company, we have seen many companies relying on outdated knowledge when it comes to their IT support services.  From our experience, many companies are now showing many legacy issues as their current IT support is taking a status quo stance or simply using outdated technical knowledge to direct the companies IT infrastructure.

We have complied a list of what warning signs when evaluating your current IT support services.

  1. Your IT support services is reactive.

Reactive maintenance is one of the biggest indicators of the wrong approach.  Reactive patching does not solve issues, it technically applies a band aid solution.  Your IT support should proactively be working towards maintaining new software, workstations and servers rather than constantly fixing issues.

Proactive IT management is always a better than simply breaking things when they break.

  1. Your IT support services outdated

Outdated. Simple. Your IT support services has not kept up with the most recent technology.  Can your IT support services remotely support your corporate users?  No?  Using the latest technology, your IT support services can handle all employees around the world.  Your IT support services should not be restricted by geographic boundaries therefore increasing employee productivity.

  1. Your IT support services is slow to respond

Remember, due to technology, your IT support services should respond quickly to all IT support issues.  If your current IT support services is taking hours or days to respond, they are unfortunately not taking a proactive approach to your IT infrastructure.  Remember, downtime and slow response cost your company money.  Have you have sent several emails or waiting for your IT support services to return your calls?  If you have answered “Yes”, it is time to re-evaluate your current IT support services.

  1. Your IT support services offers bad customer service

Does your current IT support services have a revolving door with frequent staff changes or they give you the impression that you are bothering them or they sound annoyed when calling? Yes well you might have the wrong IT support services team?   Working with the right IT support services team is a business partnership.  They should have the same goal as you, business uptime!  A modern and good IT support services team is constantly striving to increase the knowledge of staff members and always upgrading your systems in a proactive manner.

  1. Your IT support services team fails on multiple levels

Simple rule in IT support services is that you should have everything backed up on your servers however many companies have a local backup systems however it is not functional.  They also have no offsite backups therefore there is no disaster recovery to their business.

Another simple rule is business class firewall with security services and corporate anti-virus.  If your network is getting hit by viruses, malware, spyware and all the other goodies, this is a clear example that your current IT support services is failing to protect your network.


We are just scratching the surface as we can go on as there are many warning signs of poor IT support services.  If there truly is a concern or one of these points made you think, you should definitely seek a second opinion and always keep in mind if your business needs are being met.


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