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Fake Symantec Blog is Looking to Attack MAC Users with Proton Malware

The latest version of malware is attacking macOS as hackers set up a fake Symantec blog looking to attack MAC users with Proton malware.

Proton malware is not new however this is a new strain of it as hackers use the same domain registration information of the original site, except for the email address.  Not going to get too technical however the hackers created a fake blog that spoofs the original website.

The new Proton Malware displays a simple window with the Symantec logo requiring the authorization to perform a system check.  Unfortunately, if the victim agrees to run the check, your password is requested, allowing the malware to steal your password.  After all those steps are complete, it displays a progress bar to trick victims into believing that it is scanning the computer, however, it is installing Proton malware.

The Proton malware will then gather user information including admin password and other personal information.

Proton Malware Symantec Screen Shot
Proton Malware Symantec Screen Shot

Apple has revoked the certificate used to sign the malware to prevent future infections however unless updated, security experts believe the Proton malware will continue to circulate and attack MAC users.

What are the lessons from Proton malware for MAC and Windows user?

  • Always run an up-to-date antivirus that is configured properly.
  • Always use a firewall even at home and businesses should be using next-gen Firewalls with built-in security services including gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware, intrusion prevention service, application control and content filtering service.
  • Always be suspicious of random popups even if they have logos and names you recognize. It is better to take a few minutes to investigate instead of clicking.

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