Fake Digital Signatures Helping Malware

Fake signatures allowing Malware on your system

With more companies taking a proactive approach towards their corporate network security, fake digital signatures are putting your company and data at risk.

Malware is being deployed with a “digital signature” that allows it to appear legitimate however it is becoming a major network concern for IT departments and managed IT services providers. According to McAfee, they claim it has now detected over 20 million pieces of malware with false signatures.  These false signature manage to sneak by your Windows’ User Account Control.

The most alarming number is that malware using fake digital certificates has doubled since the first half of 2014. The new malware allows users to install software with what appears to be a legitimate signature and it may not trigger warnings such as Windows pop-up messages warning users of the dangers of installing unsigned software. In the past this has help users weed out many forms of malware however it seems they may have passed this security feature. Fake signatures allows malware to slip past network filters and security controls which can trigger phishing campaigns.

In order to protect your network security, companies should use multiple approaches to protect their network from such cyber-attacks such as firewalls with active security services such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, application intelligence and content URL filtering. Your company should also use good anti-virus software that is centrally managed and updated to protect from the latest threats including malware and other cyber threats.

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