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Factors that Affect Managed IT Services Price

Factors that Affect Managed IT Services Price

Here is a breakdown of the factors that affect managed IT services price as more organizations turn to managed IT services.

Service Time Required

A managed IT services provider MSP will spend technical service time discussing problems or concerns in your IT infrastructure with you.  There will be networks that require very little time to support while others will be more complicated.

A good proactive managed service provider MSP will offer technical support services covering your entire IT infrastructure.

Here is some information you should have ready when interviewing a managed IT services provider in Toronto.

  1. What is the size of your IT infrastructure including users, workstations, and servers?
  2. Does your organization require weekend or after-hours technical support?
  3. What response time is acceptable to a technical support issue?
  4. Are there any recurring tech support issues?

Factors that Affect Managed IT Services Price 1

Technical Service Time Pricing 

Most managed IT services MSP provider offer a flat monthly fee with unlimited remote technical support services. If you are working with an IT consulting company in Toronto on a hourly basis, you can be looking at hourly billable rates that range from $150 to $250 per hour depending on the company.

In the plan you get from managed IT service providers, service time is included. Depending on your IT infrastructure needs, plans range from $50 to $150 per user per month.

Amount of Network Users

More technical support is needed as the user grow. Mobile devices and tablets should also be included in your network inventory as they still need to be managed and secured against cyber security threats. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) cyber security risks are on the rise however MDM services will cost more to support.

Depending on the software, services, and hardware included, organizations can look at $50 to $400 per user per month for fully managed IT services. On the higher end, you are looking at unlimited remote technical support, next-gen antivirus, Microsoft 365 licensing, cyber security software, hardware-as-a-service, and much more.

Factors that Affect Managed IT Services Price 2

Amount of Virtual and Physical Servers

Server managed IT services technical support prices will be affected by the number of servers an organization has in its IT infrastructure. There more servers an organization has, the more complex the network, firewall, backups, cyber security measures, and much more.

Managed IT services providers (MSP) typically charge a flat monthly fee for proactively managing the servers. Proactive management of servers can start at $100 per month plus the addition of Backup and Data Recovery (BDR) servers.

Amount of Data

When looking into the pricing of managed IT services (MSP), an organization should consider how much data they need managed and backed up. The more data, the higher the monthly fee. Organizations need to plan to protect from so many possible issues including data accessibility, cybercrime, equipment, software, and human error.

Organizations need to ensure the network is secure and prepare for a disaster. To comply with government regulations, some financial or health services companies must keep backups for many years.

Factors that Affect Managed IT Services Price 3

Network Proactive Management and Maintenance

Managed IT services providers (MSP) need to be a long-term strategic partner for an organization. An organization needs to review what kind of service they need from a managed IT services Toronto provider. This needs to include cyber security, proactive management, and future planning.

We hope this article helps answer the following questions when selecting a long-term managed IT services provider Toronto.

What question should you address when considering managed IT service price and providers?

  1. What does managed IT services costs?
  2. What is the duration of service for managed IT services?
  3. How many users are going to be supported under managed IT services?
  4. How many servers are going to be supported under managed IT services?
  5. How much data need to be managed and backed up?

In general, managed IT services in Toronto cost from $50 to $125 per user depending on what is included plus onboarding fees.   It is best practice to consult with multiple managed IT services providers to get a clear estimate of how much your organization can expect to spend.

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