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Why does every company need Virtual CIO Services?

Why does every company need Virtual CIO Services

As technology takes centre stage with almost every business, everyone should ask why does every company need Virtual CIO services. The response is simple, IT leadership drives success.

Most companies run lean and people often wear multiple hats including the responsibility of the company’s IT infrastructure, IT technology and IT growth. As technology progresses, IT infrastructure are becoming more complicated and often falling short of business goals. Large organizations benefit from the ability to have a full time CIO on hand however the smaller organizations simply do not have the money to hire a CIO. This situation usually turns your CFO, Controller, Office Manager into your IT department while carrying their own duties.

Technology and IT is an integral part of your business strategy and must be managed proactively in order to achieve success in this competitive market. By bringing in Virtual CIO Services to your business, they should be responsible for the following:

  • Asses your current IT infrastructure including immediate cyber threats and risks
  • Develop and test your current IT security plan including disaster recovery
  • Develop your annual IT budget in priority sequence including a business case
  • Meet and plan meetings with entire management team to ensure open line of communication
  • Create and manage a long term technology plan which aligns with your business goals
  • Proactively address issues with staff, vendors and technology
  • Ensure your business processes are taking advantage of new processes and technology
  • Manage and maintain active asset list including planning, inventory management, as well as obsolete equipment disposal including certificates of destruction.
  • New technology recommendations including cloud services that benefit productivity, profitability and competitiveness of your business
  • RFP writing as well as award process and vendor negotiation
  • Complete life cycle of IT project management within timelines and budget
  • Perform and manage regulatory compliance based on industry and federal compliance

When partnering with a long term partner as your vCIO, ensure it includes some of the following keypoints:

  • The ability to connect you IT infrastructure to business objectives
  • A knowledge of technology trends likely to impact your business based on experience
  • A firm grasp of IT project planning and management
  • Experience in the IT budgeting process and planning

Why does every company need Virtual CIO Services? Simple, let our complimentary network and security assessment show you the risk to your business and how a vCIO can help.

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