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Why your endpoint security is your weakest link

Why your endpoint security is your weakest link

You have endpoint security on your computer systems but is it putting your company at risk? Find out why your endpoint security is your weakest link in protecting your business.

As hackers continue to improve their processes to gain access to your network, most companies are using a very basic approach or misconfigured endpoint security software. Unfortunately, endpoint security solutions continue to fall short when it comes to providing protection against today’s security threats including malware, viruses and other cyber threats as there has been an increase in security gaps and vulnerabilities.

Why your endpoint security is your weakest link? Well endpoint security in a business environment is a method of protecting a central corporate network when it is being accessed through remote devices, or endpoints, such as PCs, laptops and other wireless mobile devices. Basically, your business class Antivirus that is centrally controlled and proactively management by your IT department or partner managed IT services provider. But this is only one step to protecting your systems.

Here is the issue as to why your endpoint security is your weakest link. Endpoint security is not new but it is becoming more complex due to the broadening of many company BYOD policies and the increasing number of employees and authorized users being allowed to log in remotely to corporate networks.

Here are 6 steps to increase your endpoint security

  1. Keep your Windows operating system up to date using proactive network management.
  2. Keep all software up to date installed on your workstations.
  3. Install a business class antivirus that is centrally management and controlled.
  4. Install a security solution against spyware, malware and other cyber threats.
  5. Ensure your company is using a proactive security solution with multiple defense layers of security.
  6. Back up your system and your data if you are not storing it on the server.

The steps above are meant to keep your workstation, data and users safe however there are many more layers that can be added within your network management to protect your business.

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