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Encryption Could Have Protected the Queen

Encryption Could Have Protected the Queen

Hard to believe that encryption could have protected the queen as her security measures were found on a USB key on London streets.

There has been an investigation launched at Heathrow Airport in London after a USB memory stick containing confidential security information was found on a London street.

The USB key contained 76 folders that were not encrypted.  This included top-level security measures used by the airport to protect the queen when she uses Heathrow Airport including restricted areas.

Heathrow Airport has stated that security plans have been reviewed and they are updating their procedures on a daily basis.  The investigation will also ensure this never happens again.

What is data encryption?

Data encryption is simple. It translates data into another form, or code so that only people with access to the decryption key or password can read it.

Here are four myths about data encryption in today’s marketplace:

  1. Encryption requires too many resources and too complicated.

Data encryption can be very simple to implement and manage. The key to its success is to evaluate your organization as well as understand the types of data you need encrypted.  Your IT consultant can come up with many options.

  1. Only organizations that require compliance requirements should use encryption.

Wrong, every organization should encrypt all sensitive data.

  1. Encryption will kill performance.

Almost all organizations rely on some form of a system being CRM, ERP, and many other options. Performance is always a top priority. If designed properly, encryption can not only protect the critical data running through those systems as well as not affect performance.

  1. Encryption does not make data in the cloud more secure

This is big! Encrypted data in the cloud is more secure than non-encrypted data in the cloud, however, most organizations do not know where their data is and how it is stored. Before you send data to the cloud, it should be encrypted and the encryption keys in your control.

If you are not sure on what encryption is needed to protect your data, you should speak to your managed IT services provider on your options and risks. Our complimentary network and security assessment can put your IT infrastructure and business to the test.

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