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Employees Personal Devices and Risk to the Company Network

Employees Personal Devices And Risk To The Company Network

As work from home continues during the COVID pandemic, many organizations are still facing challenges from employee personal devices and risk to the company network.

It is important for organizations to be aware that infected personal devices and IoT devices can spell big trouble for organizations.

Remote working from home (WFH) has its advantages as well as a major cybersecurity weakness.

In a recent poll of more than 13,000 remote workers in 27 countries, they reported they regularly connect corporate devices to their home networks.

Connecting a work device to a company network is not an issue however their connectivity can be limited in network security.

Fifty percent of respondents have confirmed that they have connected IoT devices to the company network.  Approximately ten percent of these devices are from lesser-known brands which can offer old firmware which has seldom updated and security updates.

These devices pose a huge risk as cyber criminals can potentially use these poorly protected devices as an entry into the home network and then the corporate devices.

Another issue to company networks is their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.  Many employees now use their own personal devices to work at home and then bring them into the office. If these devices happen to be carrying a malware infection, it can spread quickly through the corporate network.

Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up computing and connectivity for employees and organizations but it does not offer adequate security capabilities to protect networks.

If these devices are not properly managed, they are making it easier for hackers by opening backdoors that could compromise corporate networks.

As work from home (WFH) continues, organizations need to understand employees’ personal devices and risk to the company network.

It is important that individuals take responsibility for their cybersecurity.  It is important for organizations to continue to educate their employees on best practices.

It is highly recommended that employees use company owned devices with advanced security features such as firewall, next generation anti-virus with Artificial Intelligence in order to protect your network.

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