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Email Only Users are a Large Cyber Risk

Email Only Users are a Large Cyber Risk

As companies continue to secure their network from cybercriminals, many forget email only users are a large cyber risk that can compromise your network.

CyberRisk is most prevalent among email only users, as companies fail to protect them against email fraud, including domain spoofing.

Email Only Users are a Large Cyber Risk 1

How does Email Support work?

Different employees have different needs when it comes to cyber-security and IT support. There are some who need a lot, and there are others who need very little! Email Support was created for this reason. Low-cost option that provides basic security and support for users with email accounts but no other interaction with IT. With no unnecessary extras, it’s the support those users need.

What does email support provide?

Email Tech Support

Everyone with an email address might need help with an expired password, lost email, bounce back email, or SPAM. They might need help setting up Wi-Fi and email on their phone or getting into their mailbox online. For help, they can email 365 iT SOLUTIONS.

Email Backup Support

Historical backups aren’t included in either Microsoft or Google’s hosted email. Any deleted email is gone forever after a certain number of days. There are times when you have to retrieve emails as part of a lawsuit against an ex-employee. Email Support users’ email boxes are backed up so you can access them at any time.

Email Security

Hackers can exploit any company email address. We provide Cyber Security Awareness training and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as part of Email Support.

You can control:

  • There’s a risk of lateral internal attacks. It’s not uncommon for malicious actors to get access to key systems and users through “low-level” accounts.
  • Impersonation risk. Often, criminals use legitimate company emails to defraud financial institutions, customers, suppliers, or other employees. If the fault is somewhere else, the reputational fallout can still hurt you.
  • Risk of compliance. Security awareness training and multi-factor authentication are often required by insurers, investors, and regulators. CyberSecure Canada recommends them as two of the 13 essential security controls.

Email Only Users are a Large Cyber Risk 2

Which users need Email Support?

Anyone with a corporate email account should have Email Support. This ranges from internal users like floor and line workers to external contractors. However, Email Support is already included in other tech support tiers. So if you have staff on a higher support tier already there’s no need to double up. Mailboxes that are not associated with an individual (such as info, careers, or complaints) do not require Email Support.

Email only users are a large cyber risk lacking in Email Protection

University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, Stanford University, the University of California Berkeley and Los Angeles, have all been studied by Proofpoint.

Researchers used Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) analysis of these universities as well as the top 10 in the United Kingdom and Australia to make their assessment.

By authenticating the sender’s identity before sending a message to its intended destination, DMARC protects domain names from being misused by cybercriminals. Cybercriminals can perpetrate this misuse by impersonating authentic entities by spoofing their domains. This leads recipient of emails to believe they are legitimate when they are not.

There are three levels of DMARC protection: monitor, quarantine, and reject; the last level prevents suspicious emails from reaching the inbox. A Proofpoint study found that none of the top U.S. and U.K. colleges had a Reject policy in place that could actively block malicious emails from reaching their targets, leaving users at risk for email fraud.

Researchers found that 65 percent of top universities had DMARC protection to either monitor or quarantine emails, but five of the top 10 didn’t have DMARC records at all.

Approximately 11 of the 20 institutions investigated have a Monitor policy, while only 2 have a Quarantine policy, they said. According to Proofpoint, 17 out of 30 universities (57 percent) implemented at least a Monitor policy, while four (13 percent) had a Quarantine policy.

As companies continue to secure their network from cybercriminals, many forget email only users are a large cyber risk that can compromise your network however it can be handle proactively by a properly equipped IT department or managed IT services provider.

Email Only Users are a Large Cyber Risk 3

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