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eBay Hacked! Must Change Your Password.

eBay has been hacked.  eBay is asking all users to change their account passwords after a cyberattack compromised its database containing encrypted passwords.  Industry best practices is to not use the same password everywhere.  If you do, you now have to change all of them.

So how was eBay Hacked?

eBay has reported that there is no unauthorized activity on client accounts.  There also is no evidence that financial or credit card information was stolen.

PayPal has also commented that there has been no evidence of unauthorized access to PayPal accounts.  PayPal stated that all data is stored on a separate secure network where all financial information is encrypted.

eBay is asking that all users to change passwords due to cyberattack that compromised information.

eBay is encouraging users to change their passwords as soon as possible.

eBay Hacked is all over the news and your should change your password.


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