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Dropbox and Microsoft Partnership

Dropbox and Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft and Dropbox have announced a partnership today that will help it integrate Dropbox into Office. This partnership will benefit Dropbox users who use Office across multiple devices.  Microsoft Office productivity suite is to become the standard on how to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files stored in Dropbox.  As for the iPad users, Office for iPad will benefit with an update coming that will allow Dropbox users to link their account directly to the Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Dropbox users have been requesting additional features including integration with Microsoft Office productivity suite.  The confusing part is that Microsoft has its own service OneDrive.  Dropbox will appear alongside OneDrive in the Office for iPad apps therefore allowing users to managed data directly.

Dropbox is be adding options to its own mobile apps to push its users over to Microsoft Office to edit documents.  Microsoft’s Office for iPad require an Microsoft 365 subscription to edit documents. Microsoft will also be adding the ability to share Dropbox files from within its Office apps.

So how does Dropbox and Microsoft Partnership changes things?

Dropbox is planning to support Office online including editing of documents.  Documents will be managed through Office Online and the documents will be stored in Dropbox.  According to Dropbox, there are over 35 billion Office documents stored on Dropbox so there is a huge market.

Is Dropbox and Microsoft Partnership changing the market?

Competition is fierce and it is no surprise that Microsoft is facing more competition daily.  Dropbox will benefit from this partnership it is integrating instead of creating from scratch. Another value bonus for Microsoft is that Dropbox is committed to building a Windows Phone version of its app.


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