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Do Your Employees Understand Their Cybersecurity Responsibilities?

Do Your Employees Understand Their Cybersecurity Responsibilities

The risks are high and do your employees understand their cybersecurity responsibilities? This should be top of mind.

A recent survey of 1,505 Canadians regarding workplace cybersecurity responsibilities found employees are confused as to who is responsible in the workplace for protecting company information, policies, and procedures.


Do Your Employees Understand Their Cybersecurity Responsibilities?

An alarming 45 percent of survey respondents believe they have no responsibility for securing their organizations information.

This is a clear indication that organizations are increasingly vulnerable to cyber security breaches from unsafe practices from employees.  Add work-from-home (WFH) to the mix and the vulnerabilities increased substantially.

Approximately 60 percent of employees have accessed personal or work data using public WIFI networks which is not secure and prone to WIFI sniffing and snooping by potential cyber criminals.

Organizations can spend and endless amount of funds on IT security products and services however if employees are not fully aware of security protocol, policies and procedures, the organizations is more vulnerable to a data breach or cyber security attack.

The reality here is that data breaches are becoming common and organizations need to develop proactive policies and procedures to protect themselves from cyber criminals.

Cyber security awareness is helpful no matter what level of digital literacy and employee has as even the most tech-savvy can be some of the biggest security risks to your organization.

You need to foster a strong corporate culture around cyber security. You should update policies and procedures as well as measure your overall risk including mobile devices, remote access, and remote users.

You will also need to equip employees with security training and ongoing cyber security education that highlight the human factor to ensure security policies and procedures are followed so you can avoid threats such as phishing, ransomware, and malware.

The final part is to implement secure technology that limits opportunities for cyber security breaches and quick resolutions.

Do your employees understand their cybersecurity responsibilities? Cyber security risk is never eliminated, but the risk can be mitigated to reduce the impact of cyber security threats and breaches.

Cyber security responsibilities are everyone responsibilities.

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