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What dangers every company should consider when it comes to their IT infrastructure?

What dangers every company should consider when it comes to their IT infrastructure

As technology advances, most organizations struggle to keep up. Here is a quick list of what dangers every company should consider when it comes to their IT infrastructure.

Does your business have an offsite backup plan?

This is becoming business 101, every business requires a data backup plan for when things go wrong. The second part of this plan is, have you ever tested the backups? Do they work? You need to sit down with your management team as well as your IT department or managed IT services provider and go over your disaster recovery plan in case there is trouble in the future.

Is your business software legally licensed?

Speak with your IT consulting company or IT department about the software being used and the implications to your business. You need to make sure the software you are using is legally licensed or you may run the risk of future issues including legal and financial problems.  Special note to companies using third party providers such as managed services or IT support services professionals, if they are using illegal or unlicensed software, you will be dragged in also to the legal proceedings and it is your responsibility and financial commitment to prove you were unaware of the issue.

Is your business in compliance with the type of business you are running?

Not only do you want to correctly follow government compliances for your business, but you want make sure that your current IT consulting company is as well. If they fail a compliance audit, you will be affected by it too. This could mean extended downtime or you may even have to search for someone else to be your IT support vendor. Some of these kinds of compliances might involve sensitive data, software regulations, or financial information. Software companies are making it easier to report illegal software like Microsoft, SIIA and BSA The Software Alliance for financial reward.

Is your business as secure as possible?

Not every business uses technology the same way however there are many foundation principles that should be used to build a fast and secure network. This should be a two-step process for all companies. The first step is to document your current environment as well as your work flow to see if there are any holes in the network or more efficient ways of handling your IT security. The second is to bring in an IT security expert that understands your business, industry as well as best IT security practices.

Is my business productive using technology?

Your organization has invested a significant amount of money over the years however is your business get the maximum efficiency? There are limitless options for how to do this however you need to plan business goals with technology.  Your IT department or IT support provider has to evaluate your current status, your business goals as well as your IT budget to ensure everything can be met or planned. When technology is managed properly, it should not be a cost for your business, it should be an investment in your sustainability and growth.As technology advances, most organizations struggle to keep up.

Review the list of what dangers every company should consider when it comes to their IT infrastructure and evaluate your organization.

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