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Cybersecurity is not seen as a business issue

Cybersecurity is not seen as a business issue

Hackers, cybercrime and ransomware have been over taking the headlines however cybersecurity is not seen as a business issue and this can have BIG consequences.

Here are some alarming numbers based on a recent study to cybersecurity and information technology security professionals by RSA Conference :

  • 82 percent of company management are concerned about cybersecurity
  • 14 percent report directly to the company CEO therefore limiting information.
  • 74 percent of IT security professionals expect a cyberattack in 2016.
  • 75 percent believe their staff cannot handle anything beyond simple cybersecurity threat.
  • 30 percent of It departments or managed IT services experience phishing attacks every day.
  • 24 percent did not know if any network user credentials were stolen.
  • 24 percent did not know which cyberthreats exploited their organizations.
  • 23 percent did not know if their organization experienced an advanced persistent threat attack.
  • 20 percent did not know whether any corporate assets were hijacked for botnet use.

What concerns IT security experts most since cybersecurity is not seen as a business issue?

  1. Mobile Devices help make employees more productive and organizations more increasingly vulnerable. Cybercriminals can mobilize smartphone users to bring down a company network or banking apps available from popular online stores that are not affiliated with the banks to steal data. Organizations need to accept mobile devices and create a strategic policy and procedure and they must be handled as workstations on the network.
  2. Sophisticated cyber attacks are looking for a specific target and formulating a strategic plan to accomplish their goals and get your data. Major organizations have made headlines last year as they were victims of cyber attacks and they come from technology and financial services sector. If it could happen to them, it could happen to anyone.
  3. A Canada-wide regulation mandating disclosure of privacy breaches will not be in place until late 2017 according to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada Proposed but it is coming quickly. It will be a matter of time until information security is mandated by law.  There are several various laws currently protecting data in specific industries and this is causing additional scrutiny of security practices and compliance.  All this may cause businesses to lose their focus of what matters including their strategy and business goals.

Cybersecurity is not seen as a business issue however industry leaders are rethinking their position with their information security and not allowing in their organization to fall into an avoidable trap.  They realize that in a world full of technology, cybersecurity is the key to safeguarding their most precious assets including intellectual property, customer information, financial data, and employee records.

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