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CyberSecure Canada

CyberSecure Canada Certification is Canada’s cybersecurity certification program for small and medium-sized organizations. This certification helps Canadian organizations enhance their competitive advantage by allowing them certifying their supply chain by letting them know they are a trusted business partner.


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What is CyberSecure Canada Certification?

CyberSecure Canada Certification helps Canadian small and medium-sized organizations implement certification requirements so they can protect themselves against cyberattacks. This will ensure they have protected their organization, clients, and business partners.

What is CyberSecure Canada?

CyberSecure Canada is Canada's only cyber certification program that is a federal government program to small and midsize businesses (SMB) ensure that they are using industry best practices to secure their networks and data from ever changing cybersecurity attacks by cyber criminals.

Why get CyberSecure Canada certified?

CyberSecure Canada Certification will improve an organizations competitive advantage as it reassures their clients, customers, partners, investors, and suppliers that they are following industry best practices and keeping their valuable information secure. This certification will help organizations limit direct and indirect impacts from cyberattacks resulting in financial loss, reputation damage, critical infrastructure downtime, litigation, job losses, and financial impact.

What is the purpose of CyberSecure Canada Certification?

CyberSecure Canada Certification was created by Canadian industry stakeholders and Canadians that have voiced and lobbied the Canadian government over Canada's cybersecurity position in the world against cybersecurity threats. The CyberSecure Canada Certification program aims to promote trust in Canada's digital economy including its international presence. The goal is to encourage Canadian small and midsize businesses (SMB) to proactively improve their cybersecurity infrastructure including a baseline set of industry security requirements and certification process.

What are some quick facts about Cybersecurity in Canada?

  • Cybersecurity definition is the protection of IT infrastructure and digital information where it resides.
  • Canadian cybersecurity industry contributed over $2.3 billion in Canadian GDP according to Statistics Canada.
  • Over 22,500 Canadian jobs were created in cybersecurity according to Statistics Canada.
  • Canadian businesses spent over $7 billion CDN in 2019 on cybersecurity to prevent, detect and recover from active cybersecurity threats.
  • The CyberSecure Canada Certification is to position Canadian businesses as a global leader for support research, innovation, cyber skills, and industry leading knowledge.
  • Canada's Digital Charter has built 10 principles for organizations to approach to building trust and empowering Canadians to reach their full innovative and economic potential.

What does it mean to be CyberSecure Canada Certification certified?

CyberSecure Canada Certification uses certification requirements in 13 security control areas developed by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. The goal of the 13 security control areas is to provide a cybersecurity baseline cyber security controls wherein the organization attempts to apply the 80/20 rule. The goal is to achieve 80% of the benefit from 20% of the effort using industry cybersecurity practices designed for Canadian small and midsize businesses (SMB).

These security control areas include the following:

  • Develop a cybersecurity incident response plan.
  • Proactively patch operating systems and applications.
  • Securely configure all corporate devices.
  • Configure and enable security software.
  • Use strong industry best practices user authentication.
  • Provide proactive employee awareness training.
  • Manage proactive backups and data encryption.
  • Managed secure mobility of devices.
  • Establish basic cybersecurity perimeter defenses.
  • Secure cloud and outsourced IT services using industry best practices.
  • Proactively manage and secure websites.
  • Implement industry leading Access Controls.
  • Implement proper Authorization Secure portable media.

Is CyberSecure Canada Certification mandatory?

No, CyberSecure Canada Certification is 100 percent voluntary. The good part about the certification is it will help improve a Canadian organizations level of cybersecurity demonstrating a serious commitment to secure their IT infrastructure, data, and reputation.

How can my organization achieve CyberSecure Canada Certification?

The process is a two-step process. 365 iT SOLUTIONS would complete the first phase of the CyberSecure Canada Certification program and ensure your organization meets the 13 security control areas. Once complete, we would engage a CyberSecure Canada Certification accredited body to complete the process. Once successful, your CyberSecure Canada Certification will be valid for two years.

Who can become achieve CyberSecure Canada Certification?

CyberSecure Canada Certification is available to all Canadian small and midsize businesses (SMB) organizations no matter what industry.

How long does it take to get CyberSecure Canada Certification?

CyberSecure Canada Certification will vary depending on your organization's current level of cybersecurity position. You will have to account current cybersecurity measures, required cybersecurity readiness, as well as its ability to implement the 13 security controls areas mentioned above. By using a managed IT services provider such as 365 iT SOLUTIONS and a CyberSecure Canada Certification accredited body, the process will be quick compared to inhouse.

How will Canadians know my organization achieved CyberSecure Canada Certification?

Once an organization achieves CyberSecure Canada Certification, they can choose to display a digital logo and a decal certification mark to demonstrate their certification. All certified organizations have the option to be included in the certified organizations database for Canadian businesses. The CyberSecure Canada Certification results, audit, and the documentation provided to the accredited certification body are not made public.

How will Canadians know my organization achieved CyberSecure Canada Certification?

  • CyberSecure Canada
  • CyberSecure Canada Accredited Certification Bodies
  • Cyber Security Innovation Network.
  • Cyber Security Innovation Network program guide
  • National Cyber Security Strategy

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