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Cybercriminals join forces with malware ransomware attacks

Cybercriminals join forces with malware ransomware attacks

Kaspersky Lab has seen an incredible increase in cyber-attacks compared to the last quarter as cybercriminals join forces with malware ransomware attacks.

Kaspersky Lab has released some interesting numbers that should raise red flags for everyone. They blocked 1,132,031 financial malware attacks which is a rise of 15.6 percent compared to the previous quarter

The main reason for this increase is due to collaboration between cyber criminals that are the authors of two leading banking Trojans which still remain the most dangerous online threats as it is spread through fraudulent websites and spam emails.

As cybercriminals join forces with malware attacks, who are the top 3 being hit according to Kaspersky?

First place Turkey with 3.45 percent Russia in second place with of 2.9 percent of online threats and Brazil with 2.6 percent likely due to the Olympic. This still does not mean that Canada is safe.

Here are some interesting online threat statistics during Q2 Kaspersky Lab products

  • Kaspersky Labs blocked 171,895,830 online attacks against users that originated in 191 countries
  • 81 percent came from only ten countries, led by the USA (35.4 percent), Russia (10.3 percent) and Germany (8.9 percent)
  • 54,539,948 unique URLs were recognized as malicious
  • Kaspersky Lab detected 16,119,489 unique malicious objects: scripts, exploits, executable files, etc.
  • Canada (15 percent), Romania (14.6 percent) and Belgium (13.7 percent) are rated as the safest

How to protect your business from Malware attacks?

Install security software. Use website ad blockers as well up-to-date anti-virus software including malware protection. All computers and applications should be up to date with the latest patches and updates.

Back up consistently. If you back up your files, then there is no need to pay any ransom. Reformat the infected computer and restore the latest backup. There may be a risk that your backup may contain infected files so you need to choose a backup system that reduces this risk.

Educate users. These are your biggest risk and many IT security experts recommend that companies train staff to spot fake emails, avoid clicking on unsafe links and to cut the risk of social engineering.

Create a backup plan. As these malware ransomware attacks become more sophisticated, it is important to plan how you will handle a ransomware malware infection. You should have an effective IT security response plan which not only focuses on prevention but addresses what to do if infected.

Unfortunately, Ransomware has forced one in five infected businesses to shut down this year according to Cisco. Organizations need to take proactive action against cybercriminals and online threats such as ransomware. With careful planning and proactive management, you can avoid these threats and protect your data, reputation and finances.

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