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Cyber Security Warning: Ransomware and Fake Technical Support Calls

In this Cyber Security Warning we will address Ransomware and Fake Technical Support Calls. There has been a spike and it is important that you read this cyber security warning so you can understand the current cyber threats.

In recent days we have seen these cyber attacks ramp up so it is important to understand the threats, learn how to avoid them and ensure your staff and friends have the knowledge in hand to avoid such cyber attacks.


Potential Viruses, Malware and Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security Warning Information: NEVER open email attachments or run programs that are unexpected or if you are unsure of the source.

The malware known as “CryptoLocker” has picked up speed and 365 iT SOLUTIONS wants to ensure you or your company is aware and does not fall victim to this cyber crime. CryptoLocker appears to have been spreading through fake emails designed to mimic the look of legitimate businesses and through phony Fax, FedEx, Dropbox and UPS tracking notices.

In addition, there have been reports that some victims saw the malware appear following after a previous infection from one of several botnets frequently leveraged in the cyber-criminal underground.
For more information, see How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware CryptoLocker


Fake Support and Scam Phone Calls
Cyber Security Warning Information: NEVER grant access to anyone to your system unless it is one your IT support technicians. If you receive a call and are not sure whether or not it is a legitimate technician, please hang up and call your IT support provider. All IT professionals would prefer you stay vigilant and verify their identity if you are unsure.

There has been an increase in these sort of scams described here: Users Beware of Remote Tech Support Scammers

Managed IT service providers and IT departments design their systems with proactive security and threat monitoring to minimize the likelihood of a remote party gaining access to the network however if one of your staff opens a back door for them, it could still put your network at risk. You need to ensure all of your users are properly aware, trained and vigilant when it comes to these type of cyber threats.

Avoid these two big cyber threats by revisiting your IT security procedures and policy as well as educating yourself, your friends and most importantly, your employees.

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