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Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring

“Technology changes daily and the 365 iT SOLUTIONS team has helped use the latest technology to ensure maximum network uptime. By using their proactive managed IT services, they have ensured that our network is secure and our employees have access to a team of technical support team in a prompt and effective manner.”


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What is Cyber Security Training
and Dark Web Monitoring?

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers a leading employee training and web monitoring platform that helps
organizations proactively manage their cyber security risk.

  • Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring gives organizations the ability to proactively monitor, identify, and analyze the dark web for compromised or stolen employee and customer data using industry proven human and cyber security intelligence.

    62% of businesses experienced phising and social engineering attacks.

  • Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring allows for the creation of a custom alert. When information matching is found on the dark web including an organizations employee emails and passwords, your organizations and managed IT services provider are alerted.

    68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

  • It is important to understand, once your compromised information is listed, they are offered in the dark web to the highest bidder. By receiving the alert as soon as the dated is listed, we can take proactive action to stop a breach before a breach occurs due to the compromise.

    71% of breaches were financially motivated.

  • Proactive dark web monitoring is one piece of the puzzle to protect organizations from human error. Network security should always be delivered in a layered approach. Cyber security training for employees is a key component to any successful cyber security program.

    By proactively protecting your organization using our Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring, you can now engage employees by getting them to understand and use better cyber security practices and knowledge in their everyday duties. Have Your Passwords Been Stolen in a Data Breach? Try our free data breach scan today and start protecting yourself from cybercriminals. Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring

    Cyber security is all about layers and our cyber security awareness training is an additional security layer to our Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring service.

    Hackers attackevery 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day.

How do you know if your
network security and
employees are safe from
cyber security risks?

Our Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring not only educates your employees, it also puts them to the test.

For every organizations, we create a custom security awareness training campaign to educate your employees and make them the best defense against cybercrime and data breaches.

As the Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring continues, 365 iT SOLUTIONS actively performs simulated cyber security and phishing attacks on employees to test their skills.

Why should you offer cyber
security training to

If employees do not how to recognize a cyber security threat, they will mostly likely fall victim to it. A recent survey found that email security and employee training were listed as the top problems faced by organizations.

Your employees need Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring to protect your organization as well as themselves from constant cyber-attacks. By making employees aware of cyber security threats, you are strengthening your most vulnerable link.

Cyber Security Training and Dark
Web Monitoring includes the

Team Management

Our custom plan is based on your organization and this will include a list of “target” employees to be included in the cyber security training and phishing simulation.

Online Cybersecurity Training

Employees train by accessing short engaging training videos that include a quiz at the end to verify their retention of the security content.

Cybersecurity Training Material

Our cyber security training program includes new phishing tests as well as new training material to ensure they stay relevant.

Staged Phishing Emails

Scheduled phishing campaigns are sent during a certain period and random times. This will reduce employees warning one another of a phishing email.

Employee Reporting

At the end, we will provide custom reports to demonstrate your overall cyber security status of your organizations including compromised credentials.

Effective Training Reduces Your Exposure

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