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Your Corporate Data Security Access Controls are Weak


How safe is your corporate data? Many organizations lack of control of their IT infrastructure and data. Do you have control of your data, security and IT infrastructure?

Many IT infrastructures have big vulnerabilities as both IT consulting professionals and end users are witnessing a lack of control of their company data.  Many end users IT support services professionals have noticed that companies are willing to sacrifice security in order to increase employee productivity.  From many network assessments, managed services teams have noticed that in many business environments, users are often left with needlessly excessive access privileges to corporate data.

Many users are well aware that they have access to company data they should not be able to see and also believe that their organization does not enforce security policies against company data.  As many companies experience data growth, it is starting to hinder daily productivity.

IT professionals take data security very seriously however when reviewing organizations IT infrastructure, holes in the network can be seen resulting in unsecure confidential data.  One issue is users that transfer confidential documents to unsecure devices.  Many users think there is no issue with this procedure however this is a big issue since if they lose their USB key, tablet, smart phone or access to a public cloud service, there is confidential company information out there.

Companies need to tighten their IT security in order to protect themselves from threats, loss or theft.  If these companies implement a good IT security policy, there should be no impact on employee productivity.

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