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Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness for Business

Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness For Business

Here is a Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness for Business document to help all organizations play a critical role in protecting the health and safety of employees as well as the public.

All organizations need to create business continuity plans that will minimize impact as well as facilitate a speedy recovery of activities if the business has been forced to scale back or close during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Preparedness is the best way to mitigate the risks posed by a Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic to your organization, public, family, and Canadian economy.

Should the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic escalate in Canada, here are some of the things businesses need to plan for to ensure business continuity as well as preparedness.

  • You may experience absences due to personal illness and watching children.
  • Disruption to essential services like information, telecommunications, supply, and logistics.
  • A major increase or decrease in demand for products and services.
  • Cancellation or disruption of travel and cross-border movement of people and goods.
  • Cancellation of public meetings and events.
  • Increased public fear that causes citizens to avoid public places.

To help businesses prepare for and manage through a potential COVID-19 escalation in Canada, here is a brief guide designed to assist business planning and continuity efforts.

This will include relevant information as well as best practice tools and resources.

The information is out there, and organizations should take advantage of existing tools, templates, and best practices already developed for the Canadian landscape.

In the case of pandemic or other crisis situations, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has created a business continuity guide to help organizations.

The checklists include:

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic has been a major disruption around the globe.  Businesses are feeling the impact and putting their preparedness plans to the test.

All organizations should ensure their Business Continuity Plan is up to date and tested. This should include it ranking critical functions and order of importance.  You need to communicate your strategy your staff and business partners such as your managed IT services provider or any other third party in place to support your business.  In addition, always follow the recommendations of Toronto Public Health and take prevention measures to reduce the risk of transmission of flu and respiratory illnesses.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is here to support all organizations and we encourage anyone to reach out to us for assistance when needed.  We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as needed to protect the health of our employees, public, and customers.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the World Health Organization (WHO) website and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website or The Health Canada Website.

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