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Our company 365 iT SOLUTIONS provides Managed IT Services in Toronto.

There are many companies in the construction industry that 365 iT SOLUTIONS works with. As a company, we understand how critical it is to have reliable network operations, high levels of cyber security, and speed.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is one of the first CyberSecure Canada certified organizations in Canada, as well as a trusted source for Managed IT Services for Construction Companies in Toronto.

As a Managed IT Services in Toronto, we specialize in meeting the IT needs of construction companies. By partnering with our clients, we enable them to focus on their core competencies while we handle all their technology needs.

There are many of our clients who are members of Toronto Construction Association (TCA) and Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD).

Cybersecurity for construction companies

365 iT SOLUTIONS provides Managed Security Services Solutions that keep your construction assets secure, confidential, and available. Based on the security needs of the organization, we develop an IT security plan to achieve construction IT security objectives. Furthermore, we implement administrative, technical, and physical controls.

In response to the proliferation of sophisticated and modern construction applications, we have implemented NextGen firewalls with intrusion detection and prevention, cloud VPNs for remote access, content filtering, and malware protection as part of our Managed IT Support Toronto.

Managed IT Services for Construction

As a recognized provider of IT services for construction companies in Toronto, 365 iT SOLUTIONS is a leading company in the field. We provide network design, implementation, routing, switching, firewall configuration, wireless implementation, migration to Office 365, private clouds, and ongoing maintenance to our clients.

As a technology solution provider, 365 iT SOLUTIONS understands that business needs may vary from one industry to another. To satisfy your business's needs, we will provide cost-effective, efficient, and reliable solutions. For all your IT needs, we provide construction companies in Toronto with the best IT services.

Cloud services for construction

The cloud services offered by 365 iT SOLUTIONS are best-in-class. Furthermore, our solutions reduce IT overhead, increase infrastructure security, and enhance manageability. Cloud Servers, Email, Calendaring, Desktop-as-a-Service, and Application-as-a-Service are some of the cloud services we offer.

Businesses can stay up to date with rapidly changing business and technology conditions with cloud services from 365 iT SOLUTIONS . Our Managed Cloud team helps you decide which Cloud solution is right for your business.


It is common for engineering firms to manage large amounts of proprietary client data. For a business to run effectively, backbone applications must be up and running all the time. It is said that time is money. There can be no tolerance for application slowdowns or downtimes when it comes to critical applications.

Engineering firms can rely on 365 iT SOLUTIONS to achieve high levels of performance and data security. In addition to mobile device security, we address critical issues such as remote offices and off-network access.

Managed IT Services for Construction Companies and Engineering Firms

We provide all the managed IT services engineering and construction firms need.

What are the benefits of managed IT services for construction companies?

A construction company today uses programs and resources that are unique to this industry.

This industry consists of a wide range of software, such as construction estimating software and platforms that can handle architect's drawings like CAD programs.

In the office and out in the field, there are so many kinds of workers. It is sometimes difficult to collaborate on simple tasks. Building a skyscraper or a shopping center requires that kind of commitment. Real-time communication is required between engineers and architects and their colleagues back at the office.

Managed service providers must understand the construction industry because of its distinctive nature. All providers may offer a basic level of service, but you will miss out on many important ones. An Managed IT Services Toronto company that understands the construction industry doesn't cost more.

How Can Managed Service Providers Benefit You?

Whether you run a large or small construction company, working with an IT company can benefit you in several ways.

Provide Tech Support Services for your core applications, including estimating, accounting, project management, document management, and scale management. Staff with high levels of training and specialization.

A substantial amount of experience with supporting software such as Sage, JD Edwards, Quickbooks, and AutoCAD.

A fully managed Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring and service that protects your data and users against cyber attacks.

Ensure your data is secure with fully managed backup with a Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan.

Services that are affordable and comprehensive, such as standard IT solutions, along with specialized services.

You can work from any location or device with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and remote access solutions.

Is there an in-house IT department at your company?

It is common for construction companies to have an in-house IT department. It is becoming harder to justify this practice, however. Space and equipment must be provided for your IT team. Moreover, you'll need to pay good salaries or you'll lose them as soon as a better paying job opens. Aside from providing insurance and benefits, you must also provide annual vacations. It is still your responsibility to pay someone's salary if they call in sick even if you are short one employee. This is why Outsourced IT Support Toronto is so popular.

Construction companies have found it useful to keep a small IT staff on staff to handle small problems like malfunctioning computers but hire a IT Outsourcing Services for bigger projects. The company will still have an experienced team managing its IT infrastructure, allowing your in-house IT staff to work on other projects.

What is the state of your cyber security?

With the help of our IT Support Services, you will be able to minimize downtime associated with IT issues. Because your software and hardware are operating at maximum efficiency, your employees will be able to work efficiently. The IT team will keep you informed about the latest security threats. Keeping your data safe from a single data breach or ransomware attack will pay for itself in no time at all. Construction companies have never been more concerned about security hence why so many construction companies have been looking at IT Outsourcing Toronto

Despite the sophistication of Fortune 500 companies, hackers are successfully breaking into them. Every day you hear about some large hospital, retailer, bank, or social media company being hacked. It has been estimated that the cost of a data breach has risen to over a million dollars, and many organizations are unable to recover after a data breach. Are your security protocols up-to-date and effective? What are your methods of determining this? Firewalls and antivirus programs purchased right off the shelf are improperly configured and unmanaged in most construction companies. Eventually, a bad link will be clicked by an employee and a virus will be downloaded, destroying your data.

You can protect all your valuable data with Managed IT Services Mississauga and a layered security system. As part of our professional training, we will also teach your employees how to avoid the latest phishing emails and social engineering attacks. To stay on top of cyber security and to stay ahead of cyber thieves is crucial for the future of all businesses.

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers construction cloud services.

Cloud computing can help your construction company be more mobile. There are many benefits to using cloud services.

There are many benefits to using 365 iT SOLUTIONS' cloud services, including:

A Customized Construction Solution

Cloud services for construction businesses must be customized to meet their specific needs.

Easily Scalable for Construction

The business of your construction company will grow, but there may be times when it is slow. If you need to scale up or down, the cloud allows you to do so.

Construction Mobile Devices

Whether it's on the road, at a construction site, from a truck, or from the office, you have people working anywhere. Any device with an Internet connection can be used to collaborate.

Cost-effective Construction Solution

Streamlining all services and improving your bottom line is possible with more efficient technology.

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers award-winning managed IT services Toronto for construction services.

We Make IT Simple!