What Should You Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

What Should You Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

Cloud services, cloud app, Azure, AWS, Microsoft 365 have been buzz words for cloud services however what should you consider before moving to the cloud? We got your covered.

As the days go by, cloud services are becoming more accessible to small businesses looking for ways to cut their overhead IT costs and embrace a more efficient means of data storage and access.  As the battle between Azure and AWS heat up, the end users has been winning with better pricing, better options, and better service.

This is a large project that will change the dynamics of your organization for the good however you should consider the following questions before making the transition to the cloud.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is basically a vast data storage system with a seemingly infinite amount of space and without a physical server on location. It simply means by moving to the cloud, your IT infrastructure is in the cloud (Azure, AWS, private cloud) without the need for expensive in-house IT hardware.

How do you secure your data in the cloud?

Every cloud service provider that precautions at protecting your data as most of them securely encrypt date as it moves from one server to another. You can put in extra precautions to protect your data as running it in two separate locations and you still need a robust disaster recovery plan.  One of the possible negatives of moving to the cloud is there is a shift of control of your data.

How much does the cloud cost?

This varies according to your needs in the cloud. You will here a lot of selling points that the cloud will save lots of money since the cloud saves money versus expensive IT hardware including server equipment however it all depends on the amount of data you are transferring on a monthly basis as well as the resources required.

How accessible is your data in the cloud?

This one is easy. Always! By moving to the cloud with Azure and AWS, you have unlimited access to your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In the event of any data access issues, all cloud service providers offer round-the-clock customer support and financial guaranteed uptime.

Some organizations have concerns over being able to access their data in the cloud. Even thou it is encrypted, all data will be accessible to cloud service representatives. You should always discuss with your potential cloud services provider to understand this important factor before making the move, especially if you deal with confidential client information.  You should also check with regulatory parties and client before committing.

Are you considering in moving parts or your entire business into the cloud?  Here are some great options to consider.

  1. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
  2. Microsoft Microsoft 365
  3. Microsoft SharePoint

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