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Compromised user credentials are a top concern for businesses

Compromised user credentials are a top concern for businesses

A recent study from a world leading cybersecurity firm shows that compromised user credentials a top concern for businesses. Is your business safe?

The study produced some interesting numbers when it comes to top security concerns for businesses.

  • 90% of organizations are concerned about compromised credentials
  • 60% of organizations are not capable to detect these types of cyber attacks
  • 62% of organizations are receiving security alerts than they can manage.

Companies are struggling to keep their technology up-to-date and secure. IT departments are struggling to detect and investigate incidents as they do not have the resources or security monitoring solutions available. Organizations are trying to mitigate risk in ever expanding environments as remote employees are now accessing networks from any place around the clock. This can include cloud services, mobile devices and workforce’s spread out globally. This makes a sole security strategy effectively obsolete and preventative It security cannot protect against many common attacks including breaches, phishing and compromised user credentials. Organizations as well as their IT department or It consultant are facing the following three challenges when it comes to IT security of their infrastructure including no visibility into user risk, more security alerts than their IT department can handle and security investigations that take too long.

Some further security methods can include the following for stronger IT security.

  • One-time passwords using by a software or hardware device
  • SSL client certificates stored in the entrails of the system
  • Biometric systems which can use finger, retina scan or face recognition.
  • Two-factor authentication.


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